Consider All Options Available at Alcohol Rehab Centers

When seeking an alcohol rehab center, it’s important to consider the options available for levels of care and a variety of therapies. Acute alcoholism may require detoxification, partial hospitalization and/or long-term alcohol rehab services, while on the other hand, outpatient alcohol treatment may be the best option. Therapies for those addicted to alcohol should include individual psychotherapy, group sessions, physical exercise and education. Finding an alcohol rehab program that addresses unique needs through an individualized assessment is especially critical. Not everyone comes to rehab in the same situation, with the same needs, so it’s important to consider each person’s particular requirements for healing.

Components of Effective Alcohol Rehab Programs

Recovery from the devastating disease of alcoholism requires re-establishing daily routines, building a healthy social network, and establishing patterns for coping with life in ways that will support long-term recovery. Also extremely important is helping alcoholics deal with the shame and the physical damage that accrue with long-term alcohol abuse. Alcohol rehab centers that focus on these areas of deep healing and long-term maintenance are the best options.

Alcohol rehab centers with a holistic approach offer the fullest chance for recovery. By addressing the entire scope of recovery – including mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – individuals are given the opportunity to become wholly functioning, contributing members of their families, communities, profession and society at large. Psychotherapy, attention to physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits, spiritual practices that fit individual needs, and strengthening brain function are all part of a holistic rehab that will result in a balanced lifestyle and robust health.

Importance of Assessment at Our Alcohol Rehab Center

At the Anaheim Lighthouse alcohol rehab center, we place a great deal of emphasis on the initial, individualized assessment of each client, which is developed in collaboration among client, therapist and alcohol rehab counselor. Because we are a holistic alcohol and drug addiction treatment program, the treatment plans resulting from our assessments are more complete, and they are marked by a variety of therapies that encompass all aspects of our clients and meet their particular requirements for full recovery. The assessment may indicate the need for detoxification. If so, we can start the client’s program with non-medical detoxification services in our inpatient alcohol treatment center, where we provide medical management on site within the protocols of the Department of Healthcare Services. We refer our clients to our partial hospital detox program if more intensive detoxification is required.

If detox is not necessary, clients may go directly from assessment to residential or outpatient alcohol treatment where focus is on individual and group therapy. Our holistic drug rehab approach includes services that address all levels of addiction – from emotional to physical to spiritual and mental. We set aside Saturdays for family group activities and approved visitations. Whether our clients are engaged in outpatient or inpatient service, each receives individual and group psychotherapy, orientation to 12-step programs, and all the services required to meet each individual’s needs. Our fondest hope is that after leaving Anaheim Lighthouse, former clients will return to our Alumni Program to show clients going through alcohol rehab with us, that recovery is not only possible, it’s a wonderful way to live.

Get in touch with our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at (877) 959-5909.
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