Long-Term Drug Rehab Helps Establish Healthy Life Patterns

Because substance abuse has a profound effect on an individual’s sense of stability and continuity, long-term drug rehab can be the best recovery solution. With drug use the sole focus of the addict’s attention, routine sometime disappears, and life fills with chaos. Residential drug addiction treatment helps re-establish the healthy life patterns that will replace the drama of substance abuse. With time to heal in a long-term setting and getting used to daily routine, individuals find their way to a balanced life. With support and accountability, inpatient treatment helps the addict get a fresh start.

A stay in long-term, residential drug rehab is typically about 28 days, depending on specific needs, which are determined through an assessment that takes place prior to entering treatment. While outpatient drug rehab may be indicated through assessment, a long-term stay is often more beneficial.

Many Benefits Accrue with Long-term Inpatient Drug Rehab

An initial assessment may indicate the need for drug detox, which can either take place at a long-term inpatient drug rehab facility or in a hospital setting. After a period of time in detox, an addict is likely to need time to heal and to establish a period of abstinence before re-entering the mainstream of life. It may also be important to detach from friends who are still drinking or using, or from toxic family members, which is often much easier when recovery takes place away from home. Inpatient drug rehab allows time for building a new network of supporters who will encourage and support new behaviors and attitudes and the addict’s desire to get well. Taking time in an alcohol and drug treatment center offers the hope of a new life free of addiction, and quiets the rollercoaster of emotions that typically arise with detoxification and the newness of sobriety. Learning life skills, practicing different behaviors, re-orienting thoughts attitudes, all take time, and a long-term option like inpatient drug rehab provides the time and space required. In the safe environment of a residential setting, individuals can find comfort and security as they embark on the road to recovery.

Beginning and Maintaining Recovery through Our Long-term Drug Rehab

Anaheim Lighthouse offers the long-term drug rehab services necessary for establishing healthy coping mechanisms and regular routines. Clients collaborate with therapists and addiction counselors to create a treatment plan that will address their specific needs.  If in need of dual diagnosis or trauma therapies, the treatment plan will encompass those issues and a variety of additional unique needs through group and individual psychotherapy.

One of the most essential elements of our holistic drug rehab programs is education. We help our clients learn about their disease, and we help them build life skills and coping techniques that will serve them throughout their recovery. We consider 12-step programs an effective way to maintain long-term recovery, so we introduce this form of support in rehab and encourage continuous attendance at 12-step meetings after leaving our care.  In addition, because addiction is a family disease and requires family healing, when appropriate, Anaheim Lighthouse involves the addict’s family in recovery. We can help families with intervention, and we provide family support groups to provide encouragement and hope for the recovery of loved ones and the entire family.

Our long-term drug rehab center consists of a campus-like setting, with recently renovated buildings that help our clients feel at home, where they can settle into recovery with a sense of peace. Each building is licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Residential Facilities, an international organization that accredits only the top treatment centers in the U.S.

Through participation in our high quality, affordable drug rehab program, our clients can feel the hope that comes from a serene lifestyle and from the genuine care of a staff concerned about their well-being.

Get in touch with our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at (877) 959-5909.
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