5 DIY Valentine’s Gifts For A Loved One In Recovery

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DIY Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. Your loved one is in recovery, so you want to give them a meaningful gift. But you don’t know what to get them that won’t trigger a relapse. What do you do?  If you have been together for a long time, it can become difficult to come up with something new that won’t break the bank.

This year, why not try making something special? You can get your loved one something they will remember forever with an amazing DIY gift this Valentine’s Day. It is also a good opportunity to learn how to make things on your own so you can save money or just because it’s more fun than buying something from the store. You don’t need much money or materials to make a really memorable present –  all you need is a little creativity.

If you’re looking for a gift for the special person in your life, this guide will help you give your loved one something that is thoughtful and fun.

Bake something sweet

DIY Valentine’s GiftsBake something really delicious for your partner that they will love. Your partner will appreciate your efforts even more if you make the baked goods from scratch. Not a baker? You don’t need to bake something complicated. Don’t worry about the baking being perfect because that homemade touch will make it extra special.

All you need are some basic ingredients that you may already have in your pantry. Here’s a simple one-bowl fudge brownie recipe that can jumpstart the process.  Bon appetit!

Write a touching Facebook post

There are so many ways to express your love for someone – words, gifts, and actions. But sometimes a lot of people fall short in one of those areas because they just don’t have the time or energy left over at the end of the day. You might be guilty of not saying “I love you” that often or declaring your love and support for your partner.

If your partner is very much into social media, writing up a Facebook or Instagram post with a touching message can be a sweet public gesture. This is your chance to tell the world (or at last your Facebook network) how much your partner means to your life. Add in a cute photo as a cherry on top!

Write a love letter to your partner.

Valentine’s Gifts For A Loved One In RecoveryNot a fan of Facebook? If you prefer a more private way to tell your partner what you feel then why not write a love letter. With so much of daily conversations limited to short messages in instant messaging apps or social media, many people don’t  get the chance anymore to talk in length about what they think or what they feel for another person.

By writing a love letter, you can talk about what you love about your partner and why you value your relationship. You can also talk about your support in your partner’s recovery journey which can motivate and inspire them further.

Volunteer to do the house chore your partner does not like doing

While receiving flowers or a new shirt is a nice gesture, there’s nothing more heartwarming (and relieving) when you find that your partner did the laundry, took out the trash or cooked dinner for you.

So for Valentine’s Day, why not lighten the workload of your partner by doing a house chore or a task that your partner usually finds overwhelming or time-consuming. Your partner will surely

appreciate the gesture because it’s like giving the gift of time to relax and recharge.

Frame your first picture together

If you want to give a tangible gift that will last a long time, gifting your loved one a framed

picture can be something sweet. In this digital age, many people don’t print photos anymore that’s why most of the time pictures are left forgotten in the phone memory or cloud drive.

By printing and framing your first picture together or a picture with great memories, you can both have a trip down memory lane. At the same time, it is a reminder of how far you’ve come as a couple. Another great idea is to make a photo collage book that your partner can keep as a memento.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, help is available.

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