Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment at Anaheim Lighthouse

Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment at Anaheim LighthouseAt Anaheim Lighthouse, we offer a full array of affordable drug rehab programs that can take addicts from detox to inpatient or outpatient care and back home again. While we help our clients get through the challenge of now – whether that means taking them through withdrawal or helping them heal from trauma or showing them new coping skills — our vision extends to the future of each client and his or her long-term healing. If our client needs to detox from drugs, we take them through our residential detox program and then we help him or her determine the best after-care treatment option, whether it be residential treatment, partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient care.

If detox is not indicated, we may admit someone directly into our residential inpatient program or we may suggest intensive outpatient services. Equally as important, we help each person develop the life skills he or she needs to be successful after treatment. We are here to assist in each person through our comprehensive assessment, therapeutic skills, and our passion for recovery. With a holistic treatment philosophy, deep care and concern for our clients, and a highly experienced staff, Anaheim Lighthouse drug addiction rehab provides a real chance at recovery.

Drug Addiction Rehab Start to Finish

We do an extensive assessment when clients come to us for drug rehab. If we determine that detox is necessary, we start the client’s drug addiction rehab with social detoxification services in our residential setting. Medication management is provided for a safe and comfortable detox on site within the protocols of our contracted Addiction Medicine Specialist and the Department of Health Care Services, and intensive support is provided as clients transition through this phase.

After detox, the next step in our drug treatment programs is residential treatment, which takes place in our beautiful drug treatment center located in Anaheim, not far from Newport Beach and very close to Disneyland. It may not be necessary to go through formal detox before entering the residential program, so clients may go directly from their assessment into residential care. Here, treatment focuses on comprehensive individual therapy and group meetings. Medication management is provided within the protocols of the Department of Health Care Services. Each member is offered Yoga, Meditation and transportation to a  nationally recognized athletic club five days a week. Saturday is dedicated to family group activities and approved visitations.

In addition, we offer a partial hospitalization and an intensive outpatient program, which consist mainly of the same activities and therapeutic elements of our residential program, but are based on the progress of individual clients within the individualized treatment plan that every client prepares with their counselor.

Coming Home from Drug Rehab

Built into each phase of drug rehab at Anaheim Lighthouse is the idea that our clients want to lead full and healthy lives. We provide the individual’s tools and life skills necessary for integrating back into family, work and community. We also educate them on drug and alcohol issues and assist them in gaining new perspectives, new attitudes and new habits that will give them dignity and self-esteem as they embark on long-term recovery.

An important part of the education and reintegration process is working with the client’s family. To help our clients navigate challenging family dynamics, we provide counseling to both the client and to their families, in order for everyone to break the cycle of addiction and heal during and after drug addiction treatment. We provide Saturday programs for family members and friends in hopes of helping our clients become wholly functioning members of their social, family and work circles.

Get in touch with our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at (877) 959-5909.
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