Important Accessibility Information

In our ongoing effort to establish accessibility for all individuals seeking information about our drug addiction and alcoholism treatment programs, we want to call attention to the processes we have in place to assist people with visual, audio and speech disabilities.

Although we do not have direct TTY/TTD telecommunicators for those who are hearing or speech impaired, we do have text-based contact forms throughout our website. We also have trained representatives on hand at our call centers who can help our website visitors who need auxiliary aid. They are prepared to guide readers through any information that we have listed. Each page on our website features a clearly marked side tab that gives immediate access to sending us an e-mail message, which we will answer promptly. We make it a priority to keep abreast of regulations regarding accessibility, and we understand the importance of making information about recovery treatment available to everyone.

Our Staff Commits To Assistance And Accessibility

Alcoholism and drug addiction knows no boundaries. The disease of addiction does not discriminate and does not make allowances for physical limitations. For that reason, we have a commitment to all of our clients, potential clients and their families in assuring access to information and to our professional staff. We work continuously to improve the convenience and clarity of our treatment information.

  • Website structure – Through the use of easily readable fonts, photographs, graphics, headlines and one-click links to telephones and e-mail, we provide a variety of ways for our audience to reach us.
  • Chat window – When visitors browse our site, a pop-up window appears, which provides the opportunity to chat directly with one of our professional team members.
  • Consistency – We have organized our website so that the menu options are consistent throughout. Once visitors begin to browse through our site, they will recognize a reliable method of accessing information.
  • Feedback – By providing immediate access to e-mail and an online chat, we offer an easy way to give us feedback. We appreciate and desire your comments so that we can keep abreast of ways we can improve our service to you.
Get in touch with our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at (877) 959-5909.
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