Support Groups For Families Of Addicts Boost Quality Of Recovery

Our support groups for families of addicts recognize addiction as a family illness. The entire family benefits from our treatment program. The fallout from addiction affects the physical and emotional health of everyone involved, and dysfunctional communication skills widen the chasm. Anaheim Lighthouse is committed to helping each client achieve maximum recovery, and involving the family members is one way to give a boost to relapse prevention. We support the program of Alanon and encourage any significant other to attend those meetings. Our overall goal in drug addiction treatment is to move past the devastation and chaos that addiction has caused and help create a unified outcome for the entire family. As clients gradually strengthen their recovery from the time they enter our drug treatment center through the time they begin outpatient aftercare, their families will be growing, too. We not only educate the family about the many aspects of the disease of addiction, we also teach and practice communication skills that will keep healthy family relationships alive long after the time spent in our residential treatment center has ended.

Support For Families Of Addicts Is Encouraged and Welcomed

A family member’s addiction is heartbreaking and exhausting for everyone involved. Our support for families of addicts may even start before the addict actually enters treatment. In many cases, our family intervention services have succeeded in convincing the addict to seek help. Our professionally trained intervention specialists work with the family in the way to confront the addict with feelings and facts but not with accusation. If formal intervention convinces the addict to seek help, the first step will be treatment in our drug detox center. This period of detox differs, depending on many factors. In some cases, we serve our clients most effectively in our dual diagnosis treatment center, which specializes in creating the best plan for someone with mental illness in addition to addiction. Once the proper placement has been determined, we work with clients in choosing the most opportune ways to begin family therapy. The level of participation in support for families varies from client to client, depending on circumstances.  We provide meeting schedules of Alanon meetings for all families and stress the importance of continued education of the disease after discharge.

Testimonial Demonstrates Value Of Support Groups For Families Of Addicts

We can receive no higher recognition and appreciation for our clients to share their testimony about our support groups for families of addicts. In the words of one of our program graduates, “I was lost, scared, alone, selfish and full of pride. The only tool in my toolbox was a hammer in which I destroyed my relationship with my family, friends and myself. Now I have tools that help me fix, rather than constantly seeking a fix.” A healing process occurs when our therapists work individually and in groups in providing family support for addicts. Everyone in the family learns how to establish boundaries and how to reach the goals they set to restore a harmonious balance in relationships. Even in cases where families live a great distance from our facility or have circumstances that limit their time, we reach out by having sessions by phone. We know that healthy family relationships can help prevent relapse. The responsibility for sobriety belongs solely to the addict, but a supportive family system provides encouragement.

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