Addressing the Whole Person with Holistic Drug Rehab

The chronic abuse of drugs impacts an individual on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – and therefore requires a holistic drug rehab experience. This means addressing the whole person, not just the addictive behaviors and symptoms or the physical damage done during drug use. The result of holistic drug addiction treatment for each client is a balanced life, free of drugs and drama. Holistic drug rehab typically results in a more complete treatment plan, marked by a variety of therapies such as physical exercise, nutritious meals, prayer and meditation, outlets for socialization and creativity, group support and psychotherapy provided by licensed therapists. For long-term success, a holistic approach usually provides an education component that will help clients carry on with overall healthier lifestyles once they leave rehab.

Spirituality Important in Holistic Drug Treatment

It is said that those who come to drug rehab arrive with a hole in their souls, in spiritual bankruptcy. They have been trying to fill the hole with substances, which can’t possibly be a replacement for spiritual nourishment. While each individual has his or her own unique spiritual needs and orientation, it’s important to consider how to heal a soul that’s been as damaged as the physical body, in order to fully recover. A holistic drug treatment center will provide ample opportunities for individuals to heal the heart and soul, alongside physical healing. Twelve-step programs provide a good way to find spiritual sustenance, and many drug rehab centers offer time and space for meditation and prayer. Holistic drug treatment includes the spiritual component and will help individuals learn how to build and maintain a spiritual component to their recovery, as desired, in order to repair the wounds that come from an empty heart.

Holistic Drug Rehab Offers Full Range of Therapies

As a holistic drug rehab center, Anaheim Lighthouse offers a full range of therapies that point our clients in the direction of life balance. Taking physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of each client into consideration, we develop individualized treatment plans that address the whole person, whether through long-term drug rehab taking place through our inpatient drug rehab center, or through outpatient drug rehab.

Our clients thrive on the abundant fellowship and the peer support available to them at Anaheim Lighthouse, the gym membership designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and the life skills we help them establish so they can reintegrate successfully into work, social and family environments. Education about addiction is especially important; we make sure our clients understand that their addiction is biologically based and centered in the brain – an obsession of the mind coupled with a physical allergy.   Families may not understand the disease aspect of alcoholism, either. Our alcohol and drug addiction treatment program for families is designed to help loved ones understand that while their loved ones are unable to make sound choices when they are abusing drugs, recovery is possible and families can be healed. In addition, we introduce our clients to 12-step programs that can bring a spiritual aspect to their lives, and we encourage meditation and prayer for those seeking a spiritual orientation to recovery. These aspects combined make our affordable drug rehab program holistic and all-encompassing.

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