Partial Hospitalization Program Offers First Step In Self-Reliance

Partial Hospitalization Program Offers First Step In Self-RelianceOnce our clients at Anaheim Lighthouse complete the initial phase of recovery, we encourage increased self-reliance in our Partial Hospitalization Program. Just as addiction is a progressive illness, drug addiction treatment is a gradual process. Drug and alcohol use do not develop into full blown addiction overnight, nor do addicts recover from their illness overnight. Recovery takes time.  The professionals in our drug treatment programs recognize the fact that our clients will make progress at their own rates. Initially addicts need medical and nutritional attention in order to begin restoring physical balance. From there, they start to explore the underlying issues that have contributed to their addiction, such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. While there is a common thread of symptoms associated with addiction, each client presents individual needs. From the first day of treatment through aftercare, we walk beside our clients on their recovery journeys. As they approach the end of residential treatment, we begin discussing discharge plans with them and their family members. Our PHP for rehab is the first stepping stone into learning how to take advantage of community resources. Clients continue in residential treatment and still will have one-on-one sessions with counselors and therapists as they prepare to live an independent life of recovery.

PHP For Rehab Indicates Progress In Recovery

When clients reach the PHP for rehab milestone, they definitely are seeing progress in their recovery. The residential treatment program at Anaheim Lighthouse provides a continuum of care, beginning with detox. Along the way, we pay attention to underlying issues, such as trauma and addiction. In some cases, clients may not even be consciously aware of trauma until they unravel their past. Our experienced counselors help our clients and their families uncover conditions, fears, beliefs and practices that have contributed to the addiction. Initially we educate families about the nature of addiction and help them to see their role in the issues that arise. Once clients and their families notice  the extent of their enmeshed relationships, we help them to untangle the web. As they work through their thoughts and feelings, they begin to rebuild trust and to open the doors to new, healthy ways of communicating. The Partial Hospitalization Program helps everyone involved move forward.

Partial Hospitalization Program Begins New Phase

The next step after the Partial Hospitalization Program phase is our Intensive Outpatient Program. By this time, our clients have gained more confidence and have begun to grasp the realization that they can live a full and productive life without the chains of addictions. As they move closer to the time of discharge from residential treatment, we make sure they are connected with community resources. Each client works with a counselor and therapist to discuss individual needs. Our discharge planning staff is dedicated to providing the client with help in finding what they need to continue in recovery. This could include where to go for medical treatment, how to find support group meetings in the community and how to find employment. We want our clients to understand they are never alone. They do not have to go back where they came from. With the support of their families and our staff, they can continue moving forward in recovery.

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