Drug Detox Center Offers Alcohol and Drug Detox

Drug Detox Center Offers Alcohol and Drug DetoxFamily members seeking a drug detox center for an addict or alcoholic loved one may want to check into our family intervention services; we may be able to help influence your family member’s decision for treatment. While entering drug and alcohol detox may be the first step in admitting the need for real help, not all addicted individuals will require detoxification. Once someone has consented to the recovery process, we can help assess needs and provide services or make appropriate referrals. Some of our clients go directly into our residential treatment center at Anaheim Lighthouse, or they may be referred to our intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization programs, depending on assessed needs.

If a client displays severe decompensation, we will refer him or her immediately to an acute facility for hospital detox services. In cases that do not require acute care, we offer clinically managed detox at our facility, which is licensed for residential detox. Our residential detox services are medication-assisted and managed by an independent medical doctor who is board certified in internal medicine; an addiction specialist, certified in the use of Suboxone; medical director at a hospital detox unit and a member of the National Board of Psychopharmacology.

Hospital detox differs from residential detox services like ours, in that hospitals take an individual through the process within a typically sterile, institutional setting, caring sometimes for up to 20 patients at a time. Our residential drug detox center places the client in a more personalized, homelike setting, where he or she is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Medical personnel are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The process continues until withdrawal symptoms are completely resolved.

Full Treatment after Drug and Alcohol Detox

A drug detox center is not a stand-alone treatment. It is typically only the first step in surrendering to a full recovery process, presenting an opportunity to intervene during a period of crisis. During this time, we encourage our clients to make changes in the direction of health and recovery. We build a therapeutic alliance with our clients and motivate them to enter a drug treatment center that offers a complete range of recovery tools so that they can fully heal.

Addiction is a physiological and a psychological disease that requires individuals to address long-standing behavior patterns caused by underlying issues that can be resolved through drug addiction treatment. The steps after drug addiction detox are determined by the treatment plan, created in collaboration among the client, the psychotherapist and the addiction counselor. The plan will likely include individual and group psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, development of coping mechanisms, and drug and alcohol education, depending on the client’s specific needs. We promote our holistic approach to recovery through treating the mind, body and soul, encouraging a healthy diet and physical fitness. Clients in need of a dual diagnosis treatment center will find that we can accommodate them with an experienced staff and third party medical assistance.

A Drug Detox Center is Only the Beginning

During treatment with us, we introduce our clients to 12-step programs, which we believe provide strong support for the abstinence required to continue on the road to recovery. We encourage regular attendance at 12-step meetings after treatment is completed, and follow-up visits with therapists and medical doctors to maintain good physical and psychological health. Since long-term recovery will depend in large part on continuing encouragement, as well as renewing or rebuilding family relationships, we offer ongoing support groups for families of addicts and alcoholics. We believe that family healing can be instrumental in the recovery of an alcoholic or addict, and we promote the inclusion of families throughout our programs.  We also have a strong ALUMNI PROGRAM.  They can become part of the fellowship of Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni Association.

Learning that drug and alcohol detox is only the beginning of something good, and that there is a quality life waiting for them beyond Anaheim Lighthouse, our clients are equipped to thrive. Our fondest hope is that when they leave us, they will call themselves “grateful addicts or alcoholics,” and that they will come back to participate with us in Anaheim Lighthouse alumni program as role models of recovery.

Get in touch with our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at (877) 959-5909.
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