5 Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks to Try This Holiday Season

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Is it possible to enjoy some Christmas spirit without having any Christmas spirits? You bet it is! In fact, there are plenty of delightful seasonal beverages that can help you ring in the yuletide festivities without compromising your recovery or risking a relapse.

Simply Googling around for some non-alcoholic Christmas drinks will yield plenty of great suggestions—but if you want to sample a few of our favorites, check out this quick menu.

Pour a deluxe hot cocoa—with double the chocolate! Want something to keep you warm and satisfy your sweet tooth? Try a double chocolate hot chocolate—made with both milk and bittersweet chocolate and topped with decadent marshmallows!

Enjoy a cherry bomb! Made with grenadine and seltzer, and topped with a lineup of cherries, this drink can be likened to a Shirley Temple—and it’s a cool, classy drink to serve guests at this year’s holiday get-together.

Grab a spiced apple cider. Here’s another warm concoction—and you don’t need alcohol to give it a kick, not when you double up on the cinnamon and add a bit of flavored syrup to the mix!

Try a “sleigh driver” with your big holiday meal. If you’ve never sipped on a sleigh driver over the Christmas holidays, you owe it to yourself to try one. This festive mocktail is made with cranberries, pears and vanilla—and it is really a treat! Find a recipe online.

Cut calories with a sparkling cran razzy. Mix seltzer into a cran-raspberry juice to keep the calorie count down. Throw in some actual cranberries to keep things festive and fun. Enjoy!

These drinks can all be thrown into any holiday activity to liven things up and keep the party going—and they prove you don’t need alcohol to get into the swing of things this Christmas.

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