5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Sober on St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is often identified with lots of booze and boisterous fun. In fact, many people often refer to it as a “drinking holiday”. The event is celebrated every March 17th in honor of Ireland’s patron saint. It is traditionally a religious feast and until the 1970s, pubs were typically closed in respect of the occasion. However, because of global interest, the holiday transformed into a huge event complete with alcohol, parades, fireworks, and concerts.

Now, St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse for many people around the globe to overindulge in alcohol. In the US, you don’t really need to be Irish to celebrate. Many bars and pubs offer drink promotions left and right making it difficult for people trying to be sober to ignore the festivities. This alcohol-fueled holiday is definitely a relapse trigger just waiting to attack.

There are many tips on how to stay sober on St. Paddy’s Day but if you still need a stronger motivation on why you should avoid that drink altogether, here are 5 reasons why.

You’ll avoid a nasty hangover (and not miss work the next day)

Stay Sober Alcohol TreatmentThis year, the holiday falls on a Sunday. That means expect many people to miss work the first day of the week.

Because of the non-stop drinking people get into during this day, people forget to eat and they concentrate on drinking instead. Drinking too much of any alcohol is sure to give you a massive hangover the next morning – that is if you actually manage to wake up! It is not uncommon for people to just pass out from being too drunk.

If you have a hangover, it will be impossible for you to show up to work without looking or feeling wasted. Acting sober may fool some people but chances are, some of your co-workers will know you were drunk. You’re also risking your entire career by looking unprofessional just because you wanted to participate in this momentary fun. You can still celebrate with your friends, but sticking to non-alcoholic drinks will definitely serve you better.

Your liver and your body will thank you

Stay Sober Alcohol TreatmentDuring this holiday, most people will not even raise an eyebrow if you drink one beer too many. It’s like having a free pass to “drink all you can”. The fun parties, drinking games, and just the overall celebratory atmosphere often make people forget that a large amount of alcohol in the body can lead to serious health effects.

The human liver can only process a limited amount of alcohol and if you drink too much, your blood alcohol concentration will also be high. Too much alcohol in the blood could lead to a life-threatening condition called alcohol poisoning. This can cause a person to go into a coma, or in extreme cases, it could even lead to death. Skipping the alcohol during this day will not only help you stay sober, it is also a way to start and keep living healthier.

You’ll keep yourself and other people safe

Stay Sober Alcohol TreatmentBecause of many drunk people during this day, this is actually one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, St. Paddy’s Day is notorious for having drunk-driving fatal crashes. Over the years, the drivers of these crashes were proven to have an abnormally high level of alcohol in their blood.

When you drink and drive, you are not only endangering yourself; you’re also putting the lives of other people at risk. Avoiding alcohol during this day is a small price to pay compared to the dangers it poses.

You can enjoy the companionship, parades, and the delicious Irish food with all your senses intact

Stay Sober Alcohol TreatmentHow many times have you found yourself too drunk to remember what actually happened the day before? It’s definitely not a good feeling. While drinking may seem fun while you’re in the moment, getting too intoxicated just means you won’t really be able to appreciate what’s really happening around you. Worse, you may not even have any memories to keep.

St. Patrick’s Day is more than just the booze. You can try out all the Irish food feast on offer like corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, and Shepherd’s pie. You can also take part in the parade or attend sober St. Patrick’s Day parties being hosted in different cities. Best of all, you’ll have crystal clear moments to remember.

You can spend the day doing something you’ve always wanted to do – and remember it!

Missing out on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations does not need to be a bad thing. Instead, take this opportunity to pursue an activity you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe you’ve been meaning to find time to re-watch all the seasons of Game of Thrones before the final season premieres next month or why not schedule that indoor skydiving session you’ve been putting off for so long?

There are so many things you can do alcohol-free! If you want more ideas you can check out these 99 sober things to do in 2019.

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