83 Days Sober. Thank You Lighthouse!

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Hello Taylor,


Just wanted to say hello and say thanks for all your help in my recovery. Since I left in November I have been completely sober and am on day 83 of sobriety. Not sure how many check in after leaving the Lighthouse to update but thought I would drop a note. I was well on my way to an early grave when I first stepped foot in there but thanks to your staff and the loving support of my family and employers I am on my way to hopefully being a life long success story. I attend AA meetings regularly and have made many new friends in the community and have a support system that I feel can help for years to come. Please thank Gloria and Kelly in particular as they helped me dig a little deeper and get to the root of the problem.  I am back at work. Back to being a father, brother and son. And I cant enough of people telling me how great I look compared to that zombie that got dropped off at your doorsteps just 83 days ago. I got a message from Jo to call Tammy your alumni coordinator on Tuesday. I will give Tammy a call shortly. I would say I miss seeing you guys regularly but that would be a complete lie. I like going to Walmart without a clip boarded escort.   Kidding aside.  Once again to you and to your entire staff for, no lie, the part you played in saving my life….thank you.

-Rick V.

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