Jose’s Story of Recovery

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Read below for another positive Anaheim Lighthouse client testimonial. Thank you Jose for your feedback about our program.

Hello Jason and Lighthouse Staff,
I am contacting you today, 14 days after my discharge from The Lighthouse, to express my sincerest thanks for the treatment, education and most of all LOVE that I experienced, received and carried away with me upon departure. Through the help of all the staff I learned that God must come first, followed by my sobriety. With those 2 items first, I can experience my true essence, and I can offer myself fully to those I serve. We all know that, “you can’t transmit something you don’t possess”. I have not missed a meeting a day or a day of work. I have not attempted to skip out on a day of life. The motto of my recovery is, “No Days Off”. I live my recovery 7 days and nights a week, but I get the weekends off from work.

Jose Luis D, CATC-1, CDS
November 2014

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