An Attitude Of Gratitude Enhances Recovery

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Gratitude in recovery makes all the difference in a positive approach to sober living. An attitude of gratitude may not come naturally at first. In many cases, people who are newly sober don’t think they have anything to be grateful for. They only see what they have lost in the chaos of their addiction – broken relationships, lost employment, physical illness, mental and emotional breakdown and financial ruin. However, with awareness anyone can develop the practice of gratitude.

Begin with the basics: gratitude for the fact that your heart is beating and your blood is circulating, all without help from you! The same goes for so much of our lives that we just tend to take for granted. Except in the most extreme cases, we have clothes to wear, food to eat, water to drink and shelter from the elements. From that point, a gratitude list can grow exponentially, especially with each new day of sobriety.

Gratitude In Recovery Brings Emotional Healing

As individuals learn more about their addictions, they discover the underlying causes. Negative thinking patterns, self-pity and emotional manipulation are hallmarks of addiction. By learning to substitute gratitude for griping, we can improve our mental outlook and emotional well-being.

Developing a positive outlook can add physical benefits. By turning away from negative thinking, people can reduce anxiety and stress, including the headaches, digestive problems and high blood pressure that accompany them. They also will have more energy and confidence. They may rediscover interests and talents they had forgotten about or dismissed when they allowed alcohol or drugs to become the focus of their lives.

An attitude of gratitude in recovery also makes people more attractive and approachable. They will find it easier to be comfortable in social situations without having to rely on alcohol or drugs. Gratitude in recovery can become a habit.

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