Are You in “Relapse Mode?” – warning signs and questions to ask yourself about relapse

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Often times, for a person who is an addict, if he or she isn’t working on their recovery then they may actually be working on their next relapse.  Getting too comfortable in sobriety may actually backfire if somebody isn’t vigilant.


All a person has in defense to  a relapse is a daily reprieve.  Self examination or assessment is a large part of being sober and working a solid recovery program.  Having the ability to take an honest look at where you are in the present moment emotionally, spiritually and morally is a large achievement for most addicts living life sober.   Renowned relapse prevention researcher, Terrance Gorski,  has developed a series of question to ask yourself or someone in recovery to determine how close to a relapse he or she may be.


The answers to the questions are to be scored 1 to 7, 1 being Never and 7 being Always.


  1. Do you feel nervous or unsure of your ability to stay sober?
  2. Do you have a lot of problems in your life?
  3. Do you tend to overreact or act impulsively?
  4. Do you keep to yourself and feel lonely?
  5. Do you get too focused in one area of your life and become unbalanced?
  6. Do you feel down or depressed?
  7. Do you engage in wishful thinking?
  8. Do the plans that you make usually succeed?
  9. Do you have trouble concentrating and prefer to dream about how things could be?
  10. Do you believe that things don’t work out well for you?
  11. Do you feel confused?
  12. Do you get irritated or annoyed with your friends?
  13. Do you feel angry or frustrated?
  14. Do you have good eating habits?
  15. Do you feel trapped and stuck, like there is NO way out?
  16. Do you have trouble sleeping?
  17. Do you have periods of serious depression?
  18. Do you feel indifferent about what will happen next?
  19. Do you feel like, things are so bad, you might as well drink?
  20. Are you able to think clearly?
  21. Do you feel sorry for yourself?
  22. Do you think about drinking?
  23. Do you lie to other people?
  24. Do you feel hopeful and confident?
  25. Do you feel angry at the world in general?
  26. Are you doing things to stay sober?
  27. Are you afraid that you are losing your mind?
  28. Are you drinking out of control?


Unfortunately, the higher the score, the more warning signs of relapse are being reported by the addict struggling.  These are great questions to use in a self-check for relapse prevention.  Anything over 28 should cause a person to take action in his or her recovery program.  Getting to a meeting or calling a supportive friend are good examples.


If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please call us today at Anaheim Lighthouse, we can help.




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