Can You Die From A Triple C Overdose?

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Triple C Overdose

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Gone are the days when people who want to abuse drugs have to go into dark alleys and find a shady drug dealer. These days it is very common for people to abuse drugs that can be found in plain sight – including their own medicine cabinets. One of the OTC (over the counter) drugs that is being abused, especially by teens, is Triple C. This drug is a shortcut for a cough and cold medicine called Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold.

As the name suggests, this drug has been the go-to solution for millions of people in need of relief from coughs and colds. Aside from providing symptomatic relief from coughs and colds, it can also deliver fever reducer effects for overactive bronchial symptoms like congestion or runny nose.

However, one of the downsides is that it also includes ingredients that are known to cause hallucinogenic or intoxicating effects if taken in large quantities. Triple C’s active ingredient is dextromethorphan. Dextromethorphan or DXM can be found in many over-the- counter cough medicines. Because it is relatively inexpensive and easily accessible, it has become an ideal substance for abuse by teens and young adults who are looking for a cheap high.

Robotripping with Triple Cs

Triple C OverdoseTeens like to experiment – with alcohol, drugs, sex, and many other activities. The problem, however, is that most teens live off their parents so the average teenager will not have the money to spend a lot on buying expensive drugs and alcohol. There’s also the risk of getting caught by their parents and teachers. However, that will not really stop them from trying to get high.

Many teens turn to alternatives like prescription meds and OTC drugs including Triple Cs. These drugs are more accessible because they can often be found in medicine cabinets at home. Some teens also resort to shop lifting the drug which is readily available in supermarket shelves.

With Triple Cs, the trend is usually taking many pills all at the same time. The more pills you take, the more intense high you’ll get. This habit is often called robotripping or dexing. Teens and young adults may think they are invincible but abusing drugs like Triple C can lead to serious health problems – including death.

How Many Triple Cs To Die?

Triple CSo how much is too much Triple Cs? There is really no definitive number on how many Triple Cs is still safe to take without risking your life. Some say they take 4 at a time, while others say they can take 16 at a time. Can taking that many Triple Cs cause death?

There have been reports online indicating that taking 12 Triple Cs can cause hospitalization. This happened to three 8Th graders in San Francisco who took up to 12 Triple Cs and got hospitalized. In one forum, one member shared that his son passed away after taking 24 Triple Cs. Another blog also shared the story of a 16-year old girl who died after taking 24 Triple Cs. What is alarming, though, is that some claim that even taking 4 pills can already cause adverse effects.

Just like with any other drug, the effect on the person taking it will vary. How the drug will affect you may depend on your body’s metabolism, age, height, weight, and health status. Someone who is not used to taking drugs like a first-time user of Triple C may experience serious side effects and health problems after taking only a few tablets. On the other hand, someone who is more tolerant to the drug may still survive after taking more than 10 tablets.

What this means is that every person is different. Just because you heard that someone was able to take 16 Triple C and still survive does not mean that you will also have the same experience. Your body is different and how it will tolerate the amount of drugs you put into your body is also different.

Taking too much Triple Cs can cause many other serious health risks including heat stroke, respiratory arrest, and cardiac arrest. It could also lead to psychotic effects including violent behavior, mania, and suicidal attempts.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, help is available.

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