3 More Testimonial’s from Anaheim Lighthouse, Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center

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We appreciate all the reviews and comments we get regarding resident experiences at Anaheim Lighthouse.

Here are a few recent comments:

Tara F. 10/14/14
Hands down must amazing treatment center I have ever been to. They really make you feel safe and you’re not alone. I had a great experience.

Paula H. 10/16/14
Program is Excellent

Taylor Ann C. 10/18/14
The lighthouse was a good place it helped me get what I needed. I didn’t want to be there but the staff made me feel welcomed and helped me out each and every day until I left. I met great people and life long friends.

Don’t waste another day of your life…Get Help. Call Anaheim Lighthouse Recovery Center at (877) 959-5909.

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