Sherry D, Truly Grateful, Anaheim Lighthouse

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Anaheim Lighthouse Family,

I would like to take the time to thank all at Anaheim Lighthouse for their care, love, prayers and most of all hope as I prepare to leave in a couple of days. 26 days ago I entered this treatment center as a suffering, frightened hopeless alcoholic and addict. I cannot even begin to tell you all of the wonderful healing experiences I have had. I have been in 4 different treatment centers over the last 23 years and I came to the conclusion they were all the same, so I would just like to touch on what was different this time. I was involved in my own individual treatment plan – not just a standard one-size fits all plan. I had a therapist, counselor and staff who all are in recovery that truly worked with me with my own individual issues. There was someone available to me 24/7 to talk to, comfort when I would cry working through some pretty raw emotions, even praying for me and with me when I would be dealing with my anxiety. I was not just kept in a safe bubble for 28 days away from society like the other treatment centers I had been to. I was introduced to a variety of recovery programs – outside of the treatment center, I was able to attend church, Walmart, go to the movies, go to Friday night karaoke, and I even got to go to the beach a couple times. Every single person I encountered at the Lighthouse were truly advocates for my sobriety. As I prepare to leave in a couple days I don’t feel I am leaving a treatment center – I am not leaving but taking with me a new family that showed me a new way to live. Thank you all again for sending me off with the toolss I will need – but most of all for the confidence, hope and freedom from addiction I will be taking with me. God bless you all!

Sherry D.
Dallas, TX
October 2013

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