Here Are 5 Embarrassing Reasons Why You Should Avoid Getting Drunk Over The Holidays

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Alcohol Addiction

During the holiday season, many people find an excuse to over indulge in drinking alcoholic beverages. People who would not normally drink more than a glass of wine or a bottle of beer would not think twice about drinking more than what they can handle during an office Christmas party or a New Year’s gala.

While you might think that a year-end gathering is the perfect venue to let loose, drink, and be merry, doing so can result in embarrassing consequences that you would most likely regret.

Here are some reasons why you should avoid getting drunk over the holidays.

1. Passing out

Getting Drunk Over The HolidaysOne of the most common consequences of having too much to drink is losing consciousness and passing out. While people around you might think this funny, it can actually be quite dangerous.

Unless you have someone you fully trust to make sure you get home safely, passing out opens you to numerous risks. You can get taken advantage of, robbed, or worse, you could find yourself in a strange place the morning after without remembering what happened.

2. Saying or oversharing things that should be kept private

While it is true that drinking alcohol can help make you feel momentary relaxation, drinking too much can muddle up your thought processes and loosen your tongue. This is the reason why many drunk people start saying things they wouldn’t normally say when they’re sober.

When you’re drunk, you’re in danger of revealing things that should’ve been kept private. If you’re in an office party, this could get you in trouble with your coworkers, your boss, or worse, your clients.

This can also cause awkwardness and uncomfortable situations when it comes to being in family gatherings. When you’re drunk, you tend to have no filter and can even say things that you don’t mean.

3. Doing something you’ll regret in the morning

This may seem like a broad category but this can include a wide variety of acts such as flirting with someone you don’t like, dancing on top of tables, getting arrested, or being caught on video doing something that would make your mom cringe.

When you’re intoxicated with alcohol, your judgment can become clouded. This could lead you to do stuff that are not socially acceptable, do something stupid or things that you’ll definitely regret the next day.

4. Drunk texting

What’s worse than drunk dialing? Drunk texting.

Unlike drunk phone calls that are seldom recorded (unless it’s a voicemail message), drunk texts are immortal. When you get drunk, this gives you false bravado to voice out your innermost thoughts and feelings without carefully weighing if this will result in a good outcome.

While most drunk texts are directed to romantic partners, many people are also victims of sending drunk texts to their bosses, colleagues, and friends. If you’re not careful, sending an embarrassing mass text or email to all your contact list is also a possibility.

5. Maxing out your credit card

Alcohol AddictionIf you’ve seen JLO’s new movie Hustler, then you probably have an idea of what could happen to your credit card if you’re too drunk to see what’s happening around you. In the movie, the men were too wasted to notice that the women were already maxing out their credit cards.

This could happen to you especially if you’re with people not really close to you and your get taken advantage of. Or even when you’re with friends in a club or a casino, you can spend more than you can actually afford because you’re not thinking rationally about how this could affect you the next day.

However, even if you’re alone, this could happen to you. How?

Shopping online is very easy and convenient nowadays that’s why you can order just about anything instantly, wherever and whenever. When you’re home alone, drinking wine, not noticing that you’re too drunk already, your impulse to purchase stuff can become uncontrollable. The next day, you may find yourself burdened with very expensive purchases some of which you can’t even return.

Quick Tips: How to avoid getting drunk over the holidays

  • Always bring a sober buddy with you.
  • Have something to eat if you plan on having a drink.
  • Make sure to drink water.
  • Be prepared with a valid excuse like “I’m driving” or “I’m allergic”.


If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse, help is available.

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