How Long Does Trazodone Stays In Your System? Blood, Urine, Saliva, Hair Drug Test

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Are you taking trazodone and you’re now wondering whether it will show up in an upcoming drug test? How long does trazodone stay in your body? Will it be detected in a blood, saliva, urine, or hair drug test? These are just common questions asked by people who are taking this drug.

Trazodone is primarily an antidepressant drug approved by the FDA in 1981 to treat depression. However, it is prescribed by doctors for many off-label uses. When taken, trazodone could help improve a person’s mood, appetite, and energy. It is also being prescribed to treat anxiety symptoms.

The drug is believed to be non-addictive, unlike benzos and opioids. However, there are people who continue to abuse trazodone. The drug is being misused as a recreational drug and as a sleep aid. Other people take large doses of the drug thinking that they can get euphoric effects.

If you are about to undergo a drug test and you’re worried whether trazodone could be detected in your system, read on to learn more about how long the drug could stay in your system.

How long does trazodone stay in your system, urine, blood, saliva, hair?

Trazodone Drug TestThe half-life of a drug is an important determinant to know how long it could stay in your system. This is the time it takes for your body to eliminate half the amount of the drug you’ve taken. For trazodone, the half-life is between 5 to 13 hours. Generally, it could take between 32-75 hours for trazodone to be flushed out from your system.

You have to take note, however, that these are not exact durations. The time it will take for trazodone to be completely gone from your system will depend on various factors. Your body’s metabolism, liver function, and kidney function are important factors in the time it will take for the body to metabolize or eliminate the drug. Additionally, your age, weight, height, and sex are also significant variables. The amount of trazodone that you took and the length of time you have been taking the drug will also affect how long it will stay in your system.

One important warning for trazodone users is that taking trazodone has been shown to result in false positives for amphetamine use when you undergo a drug test. This means that even if you are not taking any amphetamine drugs, your drug test result could show that you are positive for it. it is then very important to inform the person or company administering the drug test that you are taking trazodone or any other drug prescribed to you to avoid confusion once the results are out.

Trazodone Urine Test

In a standard 12-panel urine test, trazodone is not a common drug that would be checked. However, the use of trazodone could lead to a false positive result for amphetamine use. This could be detected for up to 26 days since you have last taken the drug.

Urine Test: 26 days

Trazodone Blood Test

Blood drug testing is another method used to test for the presence of different drugs. If the testing company is looking for trazodone use, this substance could be detected for one to three days in your blood.

Blood Test:  1 to 3 days

Trazodone Saliva Test

If you are about to undergo a saliva swab test for drug use, trazodone could be detected in your saliva within 2 to 4 days. However, it will not show up as a false positive for amphetamines in saliva drug testing.

Saliva test: 2 to 4 days

Trazodone Hair Test

Generally, drugs can be detected on a person’s hair follicle for the longest period. A drug like trazodone can usually be detected through a hair test for up to 90 days.

Hair Test: 90 days

How to get trazodone out of your system fast

Are you looking for ways to get trazodone out of your system fast? Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait it out for the drug to be completely out of your system. For example, if you are taking a urine test and are afraid to get a false positive for amphetamine due to trazodone, you have to wait at least 26 days before you can be sure that trazodone will not affect the drug test results. Of course, this period will still depend on the variable factors we mentioned earlier in the article.

If you are struggling with trazodone abuse, the only way to be completely free of this drug is to seek professional help. By consulting with an addiction treatment specialist, you can overcome trazodone abuse and live a drug-free life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, help is available.

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