Patrick D. Testimonial

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The help I received at the Lighthouse was absolutely superior in regards to the help I’ve received at the 16 treatment centers I’ve been to. From administration down through support staff, the open door policy they have has been nothing but relative and helpful. I’d like to be spot on with particular staff members names, but I cannot, because it’s been every single staff member who has helped me to be where I’m at today. I can’t express my gratitude in writing because it goes far beyond words.

I couldn’t be where I’m at today without the help from all staff, but, I’m feeling this well because of all of you and will continue on my journey in sobriety with all staff/admin/counselors/therapists from the Lighthouse in mind.

Thank you for another shot at Life. I’m forever indebted to you all.

Very truly yours,
Patrick D.
October 2013

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