Seven Things to do Instead of Smoking a Cigarette

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I was a dedicated addict. I absolutely loved smoking and did so for 40 years. However, I reached a point where my health was suffering and the prices had gone up so high that I could barely afford it, even if I rolled my own, which became yet another daily chore. I knew I needed to quit for a long time, but I had to want to quit before any of my efforts really stuck.

Seven Steps

Here are some of the things I did instead of smoking a cigarette:

1. I Treated Myself – While many people advise chewing a piece of gum when the urge kicks in, I don’t care for gum. I understand the rationale of treating the oral fixation that is satisfied by smoking, so I decided to take it one step further and treat myself. I wanted to give myself the incentive not to smoke by doing something else I love instead. So I picked up a box of my favorite candy, in my case vanilla butter creams, and every time my urge to smoke was too much to handle, I treated myself to one piece. By the time I finished eating it, the urge to smoke was manageable again.

2. I Discovered “Earthing” – I searched the internet for ideas and came across the concept of earthing. Earthing is simply walking barefoot in some soil. Coming in contact with the earth is very therapeutic. However, I live in the Northeast, and it was the dead of winter. So I had to improvise a bit. So I bought some seedlings, potting soil, and a bunch of flower pots. Having my hands in the soil worked just as well. I bought all different kind of plants and created dish gardens for myself and my friends.


3. I Found Distractions – Do you ever find yourself lighting up simply because you are bored? A distraction is the key to breaking that habit. I made a list of things I like to do that I don’t normally smoke while I’m doing them. The next time I was dying for a smoke, I started cooking and baking. I could only do so much of that, so I also added crafts. While shopping for supplies and creating something, I didn’t even think about smoking. When all else failed, I started cleaning. My house looks better than it has in years.

4. I Got Some Exercise – Some people like to work out or lift weights. Others like playing sports. I chose walking. Regardless of what activity you choose, getting yourself in motion boosts the endorphins in your body and gives you a natural high.

5. I Ate Healthy Snacks – Since I didn’t want to eat candy all the time, I kept plenty of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and some low-fat cheese on hand. I worried about gaining weight when I quit, so these were all healthy alternatives that I enjoyed eating.

6. I Brushed My Teeth – It sounds a little weird, but I found that I had less of a desire to smoke when my mouth felt sparkling clean. I wanted to keep it that way.

7. I Went Places Where Smoking Is Not Allowed – Almost every place you go these days is smoke-free. Some examples are restaurants, malls, libraries, museums, and theaters. I used the money I saved by not smoking to fund some of these activities, but remember walking around the mall or visiting the library is free!

Temptation will always be there, but by following the steps above I am happier, healthier, and even a little bit wealthier.

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