Sobriety and Extreme Sports: Putting Excitement in Recovery

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Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery

The constant search for that euphoric feeling is often the reason many addicts fail in their recovery from substance abuse. When you’re feeling anxious or severely depressed, the instant high that many drugs provide can be very attractive. And because you already know how these drugs can give you the quick fix you are looking for, they become your only option.

But what if you can replace these feelings with a different kind of rush? You don’t need a pill to feel excited again. There are so many ways that can keep you engaged and happy without these deadly medications. One way is to engage in extreme sports.

Sober and Active

While you are inside a rehab facility, all the different activities, therapy sessions and constant peer support can keep you occupied. You have a purpose and that is to get back on your feet again. The problem often arises when you return to your daily routine.

Drug Addiction Treatment and RecoveryBoredom is a very dangerous enemy. Being back to your old job, surrounded by people who may have judged you in the past, and living the same monotonous life could make you feel anxious and depressed. While you may still be attending AA sessions or going to your aftercare program, sometimes these are enough to fill the time you usually spent drinking or using drugs.

You can avoid being idle by engaging in physical and social activities. What you choose to do really depends on your interests. There are people who take cooking classes, sewing lessons, learn an instrument or go back to school.

For many, sports and exercise are effective options that can help them stay on track and sober. In fact many studies have shown that regular physical activity can actually help decrease drug use.

A Different Kind of Stimulant

Drug Addiction Treatment and RecoveryExtreme Sports, also known as action sports or adventure sports, are activities that can give you an adrenaline rush. Usually, these sports involve high speed, unbelievable heights, specialized equipment or incredible skill. Unlike basketball or tennis, these are often considered high-risk sports because some do involve death defying stunts.

There is always this assumption that these activities are only for daredevils and people who want to take ridiculous risks. However, different types of extreme sports present different levels of risks and different levels of preparation. Most of these sports require intensive training and involve strict safety measures before you can even be allowed to perform any of them. Some action sports also require you to have a higher level of physical fitness.

For example, bungee jumping or zip lining can just be a one-time thing which you do not really need to train for but you need to make sure you follow safety instructions. On the other hand, if you want to be a great surfer or a rock climber, you need to constantly train and practice.

Drug Addiction Treatment and RecoveryAside from just the adrenaline rush these sports deliver, there are also a lot of benefits you can get. Because most of these sports are also physically demanding, you are often challenged to improve your fitness levels to perform them well. This would require you to exercise and workout to build your strength and endurance.

With extreme sports that require training, you get to learn the value of discipline and determination. You also get the opportunity to build your confidence, learn how to face your fears, cope with stress, and deal with high pressure situations.

The common quotient among these extreme sports is the sense of fulfillment you get in the end. Whether it’s an instant rush from skydiving or the joy from being able to reach the top of a mountain, you get to feel that there’s more to life than your substance abuse issues. You get the chance to feel that life is exciting again – even without drugs.

If you want to try out extreme sports, here’s a list of options.


Base Jumping




Bungee Jumping

Cave Diving

Caving, Slacklining

Cliff Jumping




Flyboarding / Jetboarding

Fmx, Aggressive Inline Skating

Free Climbing

Hang Gliding


Ice Climbing

Jet Skiing



Knee Boarding

Longboarding Mountain Boarding



Mountain Biking


Obstacle Course Racing

Paddle Surfing



Rock Climbing

Sand Kiting


Scuba Diving





Snow Kiting







White Water Rafting




Recovery can be fun and exciting. At Anaheim Lighthouse, we encourage our residents to engage in adventure sports like rock climbing, surfing and rappelling as part of their treatment programs. We only partner with adventure program companies with proven safety records and highly trained staff to ensure that you are able to safely enjoy the experience.

If you are interested in our specialized modes of treatment, contact us today. Help is within your reach.

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