Testimonial of Diana M…Hopeless No More

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Please read below to learn about how one of Anaheim Lighthouse‘s clients is fighting and recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Diana. I was admitted into the Lighthouse through Kaiser. I must say, I absolutely love this place. Everyone here is amazingly helpful from the therapist I see, to the counselors and our yoga instructors are super cool. I have been to other treatment centers within the last 4 years and was never able to stay, they had such an “institution” feel to them. I have been here going on 3 weeks and I can see myself here even longer. I have already requested my 2 week extension which I believe has been approved. Thank you so much for this place and the impact it has had on my life. I felt hopeless before getting here, but surely I see the light at the end of my tunnel.

Thanks again,
Diana M.
May 2014

P.S. Our cooks ROCK! Love the food…already gained 4 pounds..:)

Don’t waste another day of your life…Get Help. Call Anaheim Lighthouse Recovery Center at (877) 959-5909.

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