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I just want to thank you for everything you’ve for me since I’ve been here. I know I was probably a pain in the a** a lot of the time. I was coming up there asking you for s***, but only reason I did that was because you’re an honest, straight up dude, and I respect that. I can tell you honestly just want to help people. I mean you obviously don’t do it for the money. Lol. Just playing. Really though Jason, you helped me out a lot whether you realize it or not. You helped me really take a look at what I’m doing. And yeah, I wasn’t exactly a shining star here and didn’t take these groups seriously as I probably should have but just from talking with you and a few others here I know at least what I gotta work on. So keep doing what you’re doing bro. You’re an awesome guy and got a big a** heart, stay up, Jason.

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  • Vincent Marshall says:

    LIGHTHOUSE ROCKS! If I were to name names, in those who helped me during my stay; the list would be endless! The entire staff are awesome. Lighthouse staff don’t just concern themselves with just getting you sober; they help plan the rest of your life AFTER SOBRIETY. You can feel the love and concern of every single staff member from the lovely ladies in the kitchen, to the transportation team. For those of you seeking help; there is no other place to be.