Residential Treatment Center With a Full Continuum of Care

Residential Treatment Center With a Full Continuum of CareResidential treatment centers provide the support, continuity and stability needed for a solid recovery foundation. After a period of time in a drug detox center, for instance, an addict or alcoholic is likely to need some time to heal and to develop a commitment to abstinence before re-integrating into the mainstream of life. Old friends who are still drinking or using may still be in their lives, families may have misgivings, and there may not have been time to build a support network that fills the need for encouragement and healthy relationships. Taking time in an alcohol and drug treatment center helps individuals see how they can rebuild their lives without the use of substances, and the emotional rollercoaster that almost always comes after detox can settle down. In addition, even after a period of continuous abstinence, those who feel they are at risk of relapse may need time away in residential treatment. Anaheim Lighthouse offers residential services that the addict or alcoholic needs for building and/or reinforcing healthy coping mechanisms and regular routines.


Our Residential Drug Treatment Program Provides Options

While participating in our residential drug treatment program, clients have the benefit of many treatment options. Collaborating with their therapist and their addiction counselor, they create a treatment plan to address specific needs. If in need of a dual diagnosis treatment center, our clients will find that we diagnose and address co-occurring disorders, developing a specialized plan to treat them simultaneously. Individual and group psychotherapy, alcohol and drug education, the building of life skills and coping mechanisms, introduction to 12-step programs – all contribute to the opportunity for a robust recovery and long-term maintenance for each of our clients. In addition, because addiction is a family disease and requires family healing, Anaheim Lighthouse offers programs that involve the addict’s family, as appropriate. We offer family intervention services, as well as support groups for families of addicts and alcoholics, to provide ongoing encouragement and hope. When clients leave our care, we look for their return through our alumni program, where they are encouraged to be of service to those newer to recovery, and act as role models.

Our Residential Treatment Center’s Comfortable Environment

Our residential treatment center consists of contiguous buildings on a quiet, residential street, with a comfortable, campus-like feel. We have recently renovated the center, and we keep it well maintained. We want our clients to find a home-like setting when they arrive, lacking in the chaos and drama they may have known before coming to us for care. Our center offers a complete kitchen and food preparation, as well as washer/dryer services. The rooms are large and airy, and outdoors clients will find a beautiful picnic and patio area. Each building is licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services and accredited by the international organization entitled the Commission on Accreditation of Residential Facilities (“CARF”).  CARF only accredits the top programs in the United States.

What really gives Anaheim Lighthouse facility its feeling of comfort and safety, is the way clients interact with each other throughout the day. The camaraderie that comes from helping themselves and their colleagues to build self-esteem, social skills, and confidence is part of the residential experience. With our comprehensive set of alcohol and drug treatment programs and services, as well as our beautiful facility, our clients experience what recovery really feels like, and they can move down the road to recovery with confidence.

Get in touch with our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at (877) 959-5909.
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