Specialized Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs at Anaheim Lighthouse

Specialized Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs at Anaheim LighthouseEvery individual who comes to Anaheim Lighthouse for our alcohol rehab and drug treatment programs has a particular set of needs with a common enemy of alcoholism and drug addiction. They need a personalized treatment plan, including services that will address social, psychological, emotional and physical health issues combined with groups where others describe their experience strength and hope in overcoming their disease. Using a variety of therapy methods, we clear the way for long-term recovery. For instance, addiction and trauma have been found to be closely linked, as drugs and alcohol are often used to escape the pain of traumatic experiences. It’s essential to treat the co-occurring trauma and dual diagnosis along with the drug addiction in order to achieve long-lasting recovery.  This is a significant consideration when looking at treatment options for our clients. For example, some clients may need more focused attention on coping techniques for stress in their drug addiction treatment program, while others may need more help with socialization.

Drug Addiction Treatment Program in a Homelike Setting

At Anaheim Lighthouse, clients receive expert alcohol and drug addiction treatment in a facility that feels like home. The center is well maintained and recently renovated. Amenities include a full kitchen and food preparation and washer/dryer services. We host a comfortable, home-style setting that features a private patio and picnic area, and large, airy rooms. In this safe setting, interaction and support happen throughout the day among staff and clients, and among the clients themselves. Located 25 minutes from beautiful Newport Beach, California, and only  one mile from Disneyland, our facilities shine the beacon of hope we are named for.

With our drug addiction treatment program, the feeling of safety, confidentiality and comfort within our facility is enhanced by the fact that staff and clients are working  together toward the same goal of abstinence, recovery and spiritual development and maturity. Staff members build relationships with clients that are supportive and encouraging. Many of our staff members have personal experience with recovery and know what our clients are going through as addicts or alcoholics. This shared experience fosters a common ground with our clients and provides a basis of trust and respect. The solution has always been one drunk or addict talking to another. Together they can stay sober while alone they cannot. As a result, our alcohol and drug rehab clients leave us with recovery tools they can use for a lifetime. Our greatest hope is that they’ll come back to our drug treatment center to participate with us in our important alumni program, as role models for others.

Levels of Care in Our Drug Treatment Programs

Another area of customization in our drug treatment programs comes with levels of care, which may differ among our clients. We assess whether a client needs based on medical necessity.  Whether detox, residential care, partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient care are indicated will depend on the client’s situation and needs. If clients require continued alcohol or drug rehab after leaving hospitals or other residential settings, we often suggest that they attend our partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs. Intensive outpatient care is for those who are not likely to abuse substances outside of a structured residential treatment setting but who still need a structured recovery program to reinforce their recovery around a part-time schedule. Partial hospitalization programs are usually suggested for those who are thought to lack the motivation necessary to continue recovery after leaving treatment, or who have psychiatric or medical conditions that might require ancillary medical care. Our expert comprehensive assessments determine where to place our clients in treatment settings where they will grow and thrive.

Get in touch with our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at (877) 959-5909.
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