Trauma & Addiction Often Go Hand In Hand

Trauma & Addiction Often Go Hand In HandThroughout our years of experience at Anaheim Lighthouse, we have discovered that trauma and addiction often go hand in hand. As our counselors and therapists develop a trusting and healing relationship with our clients, we work on assisting them to uncover the underlying issues that have contributed to their addictions. We stand by to help when clients start to experience feelings without drowning them in alcohol or subduing them with drugs. We also are equipped to comfort and guide clients who have experienced trauma. As our therapists work with our clients, we help them to explore the effects of trauma, which in most cases are buried in their subconcious. Scientific studies have shown the link between trauma and addiction can involve triggers for relapse. Our trauma care is offered to people who are appropriate after meeting with licensed staff. Our therapists work with them to recognize the trauma and how it can affect sobriety. This therapy is integrated into their drug addiction treatment plan.

Clinical Studies Link Addiction And Trauma

Several research studies have shown a link between addiction and trauma. Trauma covers a wide range of experiences from physical and emotional abuse to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), which often is experienced by members of the military, but also by victims of crime including rape and child abuse.  Studies conducted in conjunction with drug treatment programs nationwide show a high percentage rate of drug-related deaths and suicides among Vietnam veterans. Up to 60 percent of women in drug addiction treatment have a history of childhood sexual abuse, while more than 80 percent of clients of both genders who enter drug rehab have reported  a history of childhood abuse or neglect. Scientific studies with statistics like these clearly indicate the importance of trauma and addiction treatment. Anaheim Lighthouse offers our clients solid support and assistance in dealing with deep-seated emotional trauma, particularly as it relates to substance abuse.

Trauma And Addiction Treatment Deals With Core Issues

The workshops and counseling we provide for trauma and addiction go beyond the usual “talk therapy.” Our trauma therapy specialist uses experiential techniques to help clients resolve their emotional issues while at the same time addressing the addiction that has resulted from using alcohol or drugs to self-medicate. Getting to the root of emotional trauma can be a daunting experience that requires time and trust. Our counselors and therapists take the time necessary to build confidence and trust with our clients. From the first days of detox through our Partial Hospitalization Program and onto our Intensive Outpatient Program, we work closely with our clients and their family members to develop a treatment plan that will meet the client’s needs. If they have had traumatic experiences, even those that may have gone unrecognized for years, they can be screened for our trauma care program. Within the safety of a therapy and addiction group, they will be able to identify and discuss the trauma in their lives and see how it affects sobriety. We provide tools that will help clients to recognize emotional triggers so they can choose alternatives to relapsing.

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