Simple Advice for When Life Gets Rough

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Life gets hard for everybody especially if you’re dealing with a substance abuse problem. Here’s 5 things to remember that might make it easier. The saying “Attitude is Everything” really is true – even if you really don’t want to hear it – Believe it!

1. If you are suffering and a change is possible then by all means change it. You can either accept the suffering you are in (and don’t burden others with it) or make a change.

2. Your perspective matters but don’t make a problem when there isn’t one. If you think there’s a problem when there doesn’t have to be one – then you can bet you are going to have negative feelings and thoughts.

3. Comparison. Want to start feeling bad about yourself? Start comparing yourself or your current situation to others. There will always be someone who perceivably has it better than you. Flip it around. Compare yourself with someone who has it worse than you. You will get grateful real quick. Don’t like your job? You have one. Don’t like your body? You have legs that get you around.

4. The saying, ” And this too shall pass.” Think about it. Everything except death is temporary. You have today and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Your situation today, your feelings and fears today will pass. Don’t make a permanent decision on a temporary problem.

5. Give yourself permission to experience joy in your life. People can get so used to their problems that they don’t know how to live without them. Imagine being so wrapped up in your own chaos that you miss out on years of happiness and fun? Start off small and have some fun. You might get addicted to happiness.

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