Chrissy Teigen Talks Sobriety On IG – Here’s What I Learned

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Chrissy Teigen Talks Sobriety

Popular celebrity Chrissy Teigen has revealed on Instagram that she is sober. Teigen was often seen nursing wine or other alcoholic drinks on social media so her revelation surprised many people. In the past, the wife of John Legend already talked about her struggles with alcohol.

In a 2017 interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Teigen said that she got used to having a glass of wine while doing hair and makeup then having more during events. She said that she was point blank drinking too much. Teigen admitted that time that she felt horrible and it was not a good look for her, her husband, or for anybody.

It was only on December 29, 2020, when Teigen replied to an Instagram comment where she said that she was 4 weeks sober. That comment was followed by a few Instagram posts where she also mentioned her sobriety.

For someone who is struggling with substance abuse or pursuing sobriety, there are important lessons that can be learned from Chrissy Teigen’s recent sobriety revelations.

1. You can still get high on life while sober

Talks SobrietyThe much talked-about sobriety revelation took place when Chrissy Teigen posted a video of herself in a one piece swimsuit with the caption “good morning!!!” The video clip showed her singing and dancing to the song “Good morning” from the musical “Something in the Rain.” Her energetic dance moves earned positive comments from her followers. One follower, however, commented: “I need whatever drugs you’re on.” To which Teigen replied “4 weeks sober.”

From that comment thread, it is safe to say that the person assumed that she was intoxicated to be able to sing and dance so enthusiastically. Teigen’s response, however, was quick to dispel that notion when she said that she has been sober for a month already when she posted the video clip.

What we can learn from this video is that even if you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is still possible to enjoy life, dance with vigor, and sing your heart out. You can still take pleasure in life even without harmful substances.

2. Self-help books CAN help

Sobriety on IGAfter Chrissy Teigen revealed that she is sober, many of her followers congratulated her and messaged their support. Her revelation was also followed by posts on her Instagram stories talking more about what made her decide to go sober.

In an Instagram story post, Teigen showed a picture of a self-help book by Holly Whitaker with the title “Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed With Alcohol”. She said that the book was given to her by her doctor and friend for her birthday. Teigen recommended the book even for people who cannot see themselves going sober saying that it is an incredible read.

Knowing that it was a self-help book that motivated a popular celebrity to go sober may be surprising for many people. Not everyone believes in self-help books and some even scoff at the idea that they can actually help. However, Teigen’s own experience is testament that learning from other people’s thoughts through books can be very helpful and it can even be the spark needed to ignite your decision to go sober.

3. Admitting your struggles in public can be embarrassing but it can also be inspiring

Also in Teigen’s Instagram story where she showed the copy of Whitaker’s book, she talked more about her decision to go sober. She wrote that she was tired of the negative consequences brought about by her excessive drinking. She also said that she was done, but still embarrassed, of making an a** of herself in front of people, tired of day drinking, feeling awful by 6 PM, and not being able to sleep.

Being a popular star, revealing these things in public must have been tough on Teigen but she still chose to talk about these things to her followers and encouraged them to read the self-help book. This is very admirable and it can teach us that even in our lowest point in our lives, we can still find ways to become an inspiration to other people or be of help to them.

4. You can pursue sobriety even after experiencing a painful experience

Before Teigen announced that she was sober, she went through a painful experience with her husband a couple of months before. In October 2020, she lost her baby due to pregnancy complications.

For a lot of people, going through a miserable experience is one reason why they would turn to alcohol. It is then very inspiring to see how Teigen decided to go the opposite route by pursuing sobriety. This helps people who are in recovery find strength and hope that it is possible to stay sober even through tough times.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, help is available.

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