Lindsay Lohan to open her own rehab??

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That’s right. Lindsay has 2 months of sobriety and is making plans to open her own rehab facility for alcohol and drug abuse and name it after herself, of course.

After all, she does have alot of experience with rehab – she’s done it 5 times and hopefully this last time is going to stick. She means well, she wants to help others but with only 2 months of sobriety under her belt it’s doubtful this project is at all realistic. She does have friends with a lot of money which she’ll need. She’s been seen spending time with a Vikram Chatwal, a fellow addict also trying to stay sober and the owner of the Dream Hotel in New York, a place Lindsay knows well from past arrests.

Lindsay’s thinking is that if her name is attached to the facility it will draw more attention to sobriety. She believes she knows what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to treatment. She probably has a valid point there but it’s a big jump to say she can give advice to other people out there trying to save their lives. All cynicism aside, the best of luck to Lindsay!

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