How Much Alcohol Is In White Claw? The Lowdown On This Hard Seltzer Craze

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If you take a stroll down the beer aisle of your local supermarket, you will probably notice that white slim cans are increasingly taking over shelf spaces. This popular drink is called White Claw – a flavored hard seltzer drink that is mainly made of purified carbonated water, alcohol, and flavorings. White Claw is the most popular hard seltzer beverage in the United States dominating more than half of the hard seltzer sales in the market.

Because many people turn to White Claw as a beer alternative, many people are wondering if White Claw really has the same alcohol content of beer. So how much alcohol is in White Claw?

According to its label, White Claw is composed of 5% alcohol by volume or ABV, which means that a 12-ounce can has .6 ounce of pure alcohol. This is comparable to regular beer which also has 4% to 5% ABV.

Why millennials are preferring White Claw over other alcoholic drinks

If the alcohol content of White Claw is just the same as beer, why are many people becoming Claw converts? Why are younger drinkers turning to White Claw as their beverage of choice? There are several reasons why hard seltzers became quite popular especially with millennials. Some of these reasons are listed down below.


White Claw comes in a variety of flavors like mango, black cherry, lime, tangerine, grapefruit, and more. For people who do not like the taste and smell of beer or hard drinks, drinking a fruity hard seltzer is a preferable alternative.

Healthy Positioning

Beer is notorious for causing beer bellies and that it makes you fat and bloated. Many millennials are veering away from that by looking for a “healthier” alternative and that is White Claw.

White Claw is being positioned as a low-carb, healthier alternative to beer. While most standard beers have over 140 calories and 11 grams of sugar, drinking a 12-ounce White Claw only sets you back 100 calories with 2 grams of sugar. It is also gluten-free which makes it attractive to people who don’t want gluten in their diet.


White Claw is also pegged to be a gender-neutral drink. Alcoholic drinks have always been associated with gender. Beer and whisky are often touted as macho drinks while fruity drinks and cocktails are usually seen as girly beverages. For some reason, White Claw has transcended being associated with a single gender as males and females are equally hooked on the drink.

Fancy and Instagrammable

White Claw’s popularity on social media has contributed to its rise. The sleek design of the can with a burst of color is often seen on many Instagram posts and stories. Somehow, it became “cool” to drink White Claw, contributing to its aspirational appeal.

Price Point

Generally, beers that taste better like IPA beers or flavored beers are more expensive compared to regular beers. This is the same when it comes to good quality wine or vodka. With White Claw, drinkers believe that they do not have to sacrifice the taste because they can’t afford a better drink. While the look and image of White Claw make it aspirational and fancy, the price is almost the same as what light beers cost.

Can you get drunk on White Claw?

Because of the healthy positioning of White Claw, many people believe that it’s okay to drink more of it compared to beer. The problem, however, is that just because it has fewer calories and fewer carbs, many people are overlooking that it still has the same alcohol content as a standard beer. This means that drinking a can of White Claw is the same as drinking a can of beer in terms of alcohol content.

The refreshing taste of White Claw could also cause people to drink more of it. Unlike beer which has a distinct taste and smell, you could easily be deceived that White Claw will not get you drunk. However, if you drink multiple cans of White Claw, you could get drunk and have a hangover.

If you are suffering from alcohol abuse, switching to White Claw is not an alternative. Just because it tastes like a fruity drink does not mean that it’s better. Keep in mind that White Claw has almost the same alcohol content as regular beer so making it a substitute is not okay.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse, help is available.

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