How Shake And Bake Meth Could Kill You

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Meth Abuse

If you’ve ever seen the TV series Breaking Bad, you were probably amazed at how a regular person, chemistry teacher Walter White, was able to make money making meth. It might have even crossed your mind whether it is possible for you to make meth on your own. You’re probably thinking that you’ll save a lot of money or that you won’t need to go through the stressful process of sourcing drugs. Maybe you’re even thinking of making money out of your own meth-making experiment.

The alarming thing is that there are actually ways on how to produce meth and you don’t even need to set-up a meth lab to try. One such method is called “shake and bake meth”. It is hyped up as a simple, mobile method to make meth on your own. But do you know that this method is not as simple as it sounds? In fact, shake and bake meth has caused serious injuries and even death.

What is shake and bake meth?

Shake and bake meth is a method that allows you to make a small amount of meth. It is often referred to as a “mobile” or “one-pot” version of creating meth. Unlike in a traditional meth lab where a big batch of pills and chemicals are cooked, the shake and bake method only requires a few pills and a smaller amount of chemicals to create the mixture inside a soda bottle. Because the producer is only making a very small batch, there is not too much foul smell and there is also no need to source large amounts of chemicals that could cause suspicion.

This might sound like an ideal way to make drugs but what many people do not realize is that the shake and bake method is extremely risky. When you try to create shake and bake meth, the process can even be more dangerous than being in a large-scale meth lab.

Shake and Bake Meth Dangers

Shake And Bake MethMany people are attracted to the idea of do-it-yourself – DIY food, beer, arts, crafts, wood work, and more. These activities can trigger creativity in a lot of people. But for those who are struggling with meth abuse, what can be more appealing than the idea of do-it-yourself meth in a soda bottle?

However, the process of making meth in a soda bottle is not as simple as putting all the ingredients inside then you’ll magically get your very own DIY meth. A lot of people are not aware of the dangers involved in making shake and bake meth. This can be a highly risky endeavor that could cost you your life.

When you mix the chemicals inside the bottle, this starts a chemical reaction that could lead to an explosion even with just the smallest error. For example, if the mixture is exposed to oxygen or the cap becomes unscrewed, the mixture can catch fire and explode. According to some authorities, shake and bake meth is dangerous because either you’ll get meth in the end or it will blow up in your face.

The explosion could lead to serious burns, blindness, and even death. There are many reports of people being brought to hospitals due to injuries caused by shake and bake meth explosions. There have also been explosions that caused deaths.

Shake and Bake MethThere are also reports about people trying to make shake and bake meth inside the car which resulted in car explosions. These instances do not only endanger the car occupants but also the other cars in the area.

Some people claim that shake and bake meth is even more dangerous than being in a meth lab because if there is a meth lab explosion, the occupants can run away. With the shake and bake meth method, the person is actually holding the bottle so the explosion effects are immediate.

Another risk with shake and bake meth is that if the bottles are not disposed of properly, they could explode and cause damage to surrounding property. In one incident, a man mowing his property using a tractor ran over shake and bake meth bottles. He narrowly escaped serious injuries after the bottles caused explosions.

Another example where discarded bottles can be dangerous is if an unsuspecting person picks up a soda bottle and unscrews the cap for disposal, the bottle could explode and cause injuries.

Treating Meth Abuse

Recovering from meth abuse is possible. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, help is available.

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