How To Sober Up Fast: 5 Methods You Can Try

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If you’ve overindulged in alcohol, you’re probably reading this to look for effective ways to try out so you can sober up fast. You’re wondering how you can remove the traces of alcohol and kick out the side effects quickly. The truth is, the period of time it will take for you to become completely sober will depend on how much alcohol you consumed and just how wasted you are already. Depending on these factors, it could take a few hours or even the next day before you recover.

Nevertheless, here are some suggestions that could help your situation. While these may not instantly lower your blood alcohol levels, they could help you stay a bit more alert physically and mentally. However, keep in mind that if you’ve had too much to drink, you should still avoid driving a vehicle or operating any machinery unless you’re completely sober.

Drinking water and juices

Sober Up FastDrinking alcohol can be dehydrating. That’s one reason why you keep on going on bathroom breaks during long drinking sessions. When you’re dehydrated, this could aggravate the symptoms you’re experiencing such as being dizzy, light headed, having dry lips, and feeling tired. What you need to do then is to rehydrate.

While drinking coffee can help you become temporarily alert, this will also dehydrate you more. To avoid being dehydrated, drink plenty of water. This will help you flush out the toxins in your body and replenish the lost fluids. It will also help dilute the alcohol in your system. You can also try drinking fruit juices with Vitamins C and B like orange juice can also help your liver flush out the alcohol from your body.


Sober Up FastDrinking on an empty stomach is a surefire way to get drunk fast. That’s why many people recommend that it is better to eat if you’re going to drink alcohol. If you want to sober up, one common recommendation is to put food into your stomach. According to a review in the Clinical Liver Disease journal, having meals high in fat, protein, or carbs can help delay gastric emptying, which could result in lowering the absorption of alcohol. Eating could also help in decreasing hangover symptoms the following day.

Before you feast on greasy foods like burger and fries, it is better to consider meals with healthy fats and carbohydrates. For example, a bowl of chicken noodle soup is a better alternative than oily fast food or pizza.

Physical Activity

Many articles recommend exercise as a means to sober up but let’s face it –  it’s pretty unrealistic for someone who is drunk to complete a whole cardio set or a workout routine. Can you imagine doing 20 burpees if you can’t even manage to stand up straight? The better term then is to engage in physical activity. This could help you stay alert, get your blood flowing, and avoid feeling lethargic.

In the TV show MythBusters, this theory was tested and proven plausible when one of the hosts ran on a treadmill for 5 minutes and it helped him sober up. Since you’ll most likely not have easy access to a treadmill, what you could do is to jog in place, or walk around. Just make sure you are with someone else or you’re in a safe area to avoid any accidents. You can also sweat it out on the dance floor if you are in a dance club. Just make sure that you’re also drinking water at the same time to keep yourself hydrated so you won’t pass out.

Taking a nap

SoberIn order for you to rest and recover, you need sleep – whether you drank alcohol or not. When you sleep, this can help you sober up because it restores your body’s ability to flush the alcohol out of your system. You can try to take a quick nap to sober up but the more sleep you get, the better you will feel.

However, if you consumed an extremely large quantity of alcohol, don’t just sleep it off immediately. Your blood alcohol levels could still rise even after passing out and so this could lead to alcohol poisoning. Instead, it’s better to stay awake and drink lots of water until you feel a little bit clear headed before going to bed.

Seeking professional help

Do you find yourself unable to control your alcohol intake every time you drink? If you have an uncontrollable urge to drink more booze, chances are, you’ll end up drunk every time. Looking for band aid solutions on how to sober up fast is not the long-term answer.

If you are having trouble with alcohol abuse, seeking professional help is the next best step.

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