What Kids do to Get High

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Parents think they know what their kids are doing but they would be horrified to learn what some kids, maybe even their own, are willing to do to get high. These days there are dozens and dozens of ways to get a buzz. The landscape for drug use in this country has changed dramatically the past 20 years and the consequences are deadly.

Here’s some of the stupid ways to get high. Some of these have been around a long time:

Eating the spice nutmeg. It contains myristicin which can cause mild hallucinations which don’t kick in until hours later. Long list of side effects such as a hangover type feeling, dizziness and nausea among others.

“Bagging” mothballs. Inhaling the air in a bag of mothballs. Mothballs contain paradichlorobenzene, which can cause liver and kidney failure, and naphthalene can cause brain damage, seizure, and coma.

Taking huge doses of Cough medicine (active ingredient is dextromethorphan or DXM)

Vodka eyeballing – pouring it in your eyeballs so it gets into bloodstream and risking your eyesight to do it.

Soaking gummy bears in alcohol and freezing them then eating later.

Inhaling alcohol vapors. Alcohol is heated and the clear vapors released are inhaled. Why inhale alcohol vapors? It curbs the calorie intake.

Distilling hand sanitizers with salt to create highly concentrated alcohol shots.
Inhaling alcohol vapors.

This is meant to educate and make parents/people aware of what some people may be willing to do to get high.

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