Moon Rock Takes Its Place with Other Street Drugs

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Moon Rock, sometimes referred to as Spice, K2, or Skunk, is a synthetic drug recently taking its place with the likes of flakka, budder, bath salts and other lab-produced, mind-altering drugs. The drug is also known as a synthetic version of marijuana, but beware: Moon Rock is dangerous.

The use of traditional illicit drugs has been declining worldwide, but there is an increased demand for synthetic drugs, referred to as “new psychoactive substances” (NPS) in the 2014 World Drug Report, which reports that the use NPS like Moon Rock continues to climb steadily.  Because Moon Rock products are easily accessible and packaged as “natural plant matter,” many users feel safe using the drug, contributing to its popularity. It’s also hard to detect the chemicals used to make Moon Rock in standard drug tests, which is another benefit to those using it.

The Effects of the Street Drug Moon Rock

For several years, Moon Rock has been easily attained in head shops or over the internet, but sales have slowed since the Drug Enforcement Administration designated the five active chemicals typically found in the drug as Substance I controlled substances, making sales, purchase and possession of the street drug illegal. Nevertheless, as in the case of most synthetic drugs, manufacturers evade the law by changing the combination of chemicals used to produce the drugs, but in combinations that render the same effects.

Moon Rock brings about elevated mood, extreme empathy, and altered states of consciousness, according to users. The bad news for users is that some cases of psychosis have been reported, with symptoms of extreme anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations. The actual chemical composition of Moon Rock is unknown, so one risk is that particular strains of the street drug may bring on frighteningly different effects than might be expected. Users of Moon Rock have been taken to Poison Control Centers with symptoms like rapid heart rate, vomiting, extremely high blood pressure, confusion, heart attacks and other alarming symptoms. Those who regularly abuse Moon Rock report increased tolerance, as well as severe withdrawal symptoms, including suicidal tendencies, exhaustion and reduced cognitive functioning.

Officials are warning the public to keep an eye out for Moon Rock products, which are usually packaged in a cellophane bag, rolled up in paper and smoked just like grass.

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