The Top 5 Questions Families Should Ask When Choosing a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

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One of the most difficult decisions a person must make is whether to enter treatment for drug addiction. Once there is a decision to move forward with recovery, the next challenge is making sure the treatment center selected can meet the individual’s needs. Here is where it may be important to get the family involved, in order to make sound decisions that an addict may not be able to make alone. The National Institutes of Health reports that impaired decision-making is one of the many cognitive functions addicts lose with the disease. Families can help with this big decision by helping their loved one do the research and ask the right questions.

Five of the most important questions to ask about a drug addiction rehab center are:

  1. What kind of accreditation or licensing does the program have?
  2. How qualified is the clinical staff in terms of credentials and licenses?
  3. Are all needs addressed in the program including medical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual, as well as health and wellness issues?
  4. Does the program offer support to families?
  5. Is there ongoing support after leaving treatment?

A Good Choice for Treating Addiction to Drugs

Anaheim Lighthouse is licensed and certified by the California Department of Health Care
Services (“DHCS”). The recently renovated facility, with its peaceful environment and campus-
like setting, is also accredited by the well-respected Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (“CARF”).

Anaheim Lighthouse is staffed by highly qualified professionals who are compassionate and eager to help those who are addicted to drugs. Many of the center’s drug addiction counselors have been through recovery themselves and can offer the kind of experience, strength and hope so valuable to those in recovery.

At Anaheim Lighthouse, clients are offered a holistic approach to recovery, so that the whole person is treated, not just the symptoms of addiction. The center address all dimensions of each individual, from physical to emotional, mental and psychological.

Family support groups and counseling are an important part of the Anaheim Lighthouse treatment approach. The program not only educates the family about the disease of addiction, but also teaches communication skills that will keep healthy family relationships alive and healthy.

The Anaheim Lighthouse Intensive Outpatient Program helps bolster an individual’s drug addiction recovery through individual and group support outside of residential treatment, assuring that clients have all the tools they need for long-term recovery.

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