Why It’s Important to Host a Sober Holiday Party to Support Those in Recovery

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The holidays can be a difficult time for those in addiction recovery—not just because there’s a high level of stress, but because there’s a high level of temptation. Festive gatherings tend to come with seasonal spirits, and sometimes it’s hard for those in recovery to find a polite, dignified way to say no thanks.

If you have a friend or family member who is in recovery, then, it’s important to be sensitive and accommodating. One way to do so is to host a holiday party in which no alcohol is served—providing a temptation-free and stress-free environment for everyone you love to come together, get into the spirit of the season, and have some fun.

Hosting a holiday party without alcohol may frankly sound like a challenge. One possibility is to make it an afternoon even—perhaps accompanied by indoor grilling—so that the absence of booze is not as conspicuous. You may even pick a Saturday or Sunday to throw a big holiday breakfast party—something partygoers are sure to remember!

Another way to ensure the party remains effortlessly alcohol-free is to get kids involved. Make it clear that the party is an all-ages, family-friendly affair. It is generally assumed that, when kids are present at the party, alcohol is not.

If you have other friends or family members who don’t drink, invite them to the party. Make it easier for your recovering loved one by making sure he or she is not alone.

You can absolutely host an alcohol-free holiday party and still have a blast—and doing so can be an amazing way to show support for those in recovery.

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