Will I Always Be An Addict?

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Addiction is a complicated and highly personal experience. A person may develop an addiction to any number of substances. Regardless of what it is that you become addicted to, one thing is for certain. It takes a heavy toll on your life and the lives of the ones that love you.

It Begins Casually

Addiction can form before you realize there is a big problem. In many cases, the addiction forms during a period of stress or when a person is surrounding themselves with people that have addictions themselves. You may begin using whatever the substance is to deal with a situation or to fit in with a group. Before you know it you don’t think you can live without it.

You may notice that you are isolating yourself from your loved ones or friends that don’t indulge in whatever it is that you are using. Once you realize that there is a problem you are probably hooked and desperate to find a way out, but not knowing how to go about it.

You Must Seek Help

Once you realize you need help, you might begin a battle that lasts for years if you don’t take action to get professional help. Many people like to think that they can quit anytime they want without treatment. This thinking can cause a person with an addiction to prolong the problem which can become fatal in the long run. It is imperative that the person seeks experienced professional addiction treatment to kick the addiction and potentially save their life.


Addiction Lies Just Under The Surface

That being said, addiction is a lifelong battle. You will face times throughout your life that you are tempted, sometimes for no reason, to return to doing whatever substance was the cause of the addiction. That is why it is important to have support and people that you can call on for backup at a time of crisis. Addiction is something that is overcome on a day to day basis. Every day that you stay clean and sober is a victory.

Even if you slip up and use, you need to get back on track and remember what you are fighting for. Don’t feel like a failure if you have cravings or consider using again. Do your very best to fight the urge and reach out to your support system to get you through those tough times. That is what they are there for and they will be glad that you sought help.

If you have an addiction or know someone that does, don’t be afraid to seek help or pass along information about how to get treatment. Don’t be silent and don’t suffer alone. Reach out to someone today and start the journey to healing. Living sober starts with you taking action and refusing to be another statistic.

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