Xanax Addiction Treatment Addresses Crushing Effects

Because Xanax has become one of the most often used prescription drugs in the United States, an increasing number of drug rehab centers are offering specific Xanax addiction treatment therapies. The drug is a potent, short-acting benzodiazepine often prescribed for anxiety and stress and the accompanying panic attacks. Due to its short-acting nature (it takes hold and subsides quickly), individuals will often increase dosages in attempts to prolong the drug’s effectiveness. Because Xanax depresses the central nervous system, functions of the brain most often affected include speech, eyesight, muscle coordination and memory. Xanax users can become confused and disoriented, and sleepiness is often induced, which can be dangerous if the user is driving or engaged in other risky activities.

The physical symptoms are frightening, but the effects this drug can have on one’s life can be even more crushing. Because of the intensity of addiction that arises from the abuse of Xanax, users become pre-occupied with getting the drug and making sure it’s always available, which may mean employing illegal means for obtaining it and keeping it stocked. Abuse of Xanax causes individuals to ignore responsibilities, family members and overall health. Individuals who suspect Xanax addiction should seek professional help right away.

Xanax Addiction Treatment Confronts Harsh Withdrawal Symptoms

The harsh withdrawal symptoms that come with Xanax abuse – one of the most dangerous being seizures – require professional treatment for Xanax addiction, quite often including a detoxification phase. This part of treatment is best conducted under the watchful eye of a health care provider, especially if medication assisted l detox is conducted, which may include the prescription of drugs to help alleviate the extreme discomfort of withdrawal. This is only part of the overall treatment a Xanax abuser will typically undergo in a rehabilitation center.

Most drug treatment centers also offer residential facilities, where individuals can focus on the recovery process and begin to heal from the damage done by their drug abuse. Through residential rehab, those in recovery learn about the disease of addiction and the dangers of relapse.  They pick up coping skills and new behaviors to reinforce their recovery; and, they learn how to build a supportive network of peers. Many drug treatment centers also offer intensive outpatient programs that do not require residency as a pre-requisite to the program, and some offer partial hospitalization, as well.

It’s a good idea to make sure that the treatment facility chosen for Xanax recovery is expert in treating Xanax abusers specifically, as treatment for Xanax addiction may differ from heroin addiction treatment, opiate addiction treatment, or cocaine addiction treatment. There are a number of benzodiazepine drugs besides Xanax that might require other benzodiazepine addiction treatment, as well, such as treatment for Valium or Klonipin.

Our Treatment for Xanax Addiction Affords Time for Healing

From the first day of detox in our residential drug addiction treatment program, all the way through our, Residential Rehabilitation, Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs, we create an environment of acceptance at Anaheim Lighthouse. We know what addicts and their families go through before, during and after treatment, and we provide a time for healing from the turmoil caused by Xanax addiction.

Our staff is highly experienced, knowledgeable in all aspects of drug addiction, with specializations in various aspects of the disease. We offer professionals savvy about treatment for Xanax addiction, as well as marijuana addiction treatment, meth addiction treatment, and treatment of other common drug addictions. We also offer alcohol addiction treatment.

Treating the whole individual means treating all aspects of his or her disease, so we offer a full array of therapies and services that will ultimately help the addict or alcoholic build a new life. The emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, and psychological aspects of each of our clients are addressed through an individualized treatment plan assuring that specific needs are met.  In this way, we help our clients heal not only from the symptoms of their disease, but from all the areas of life that have been affected by the devastation of addiction.

Get in touch with our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at (877) 959-5909.
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