Anaheim Lighthouse Offers Cocaine Addiction Treatment for the Highly Addictive Drug

Cocaine addiction treatment is necessary when an individual is on the slippery slope of this highly addictive drug. Because cocaine provides an immediate euphoria, an instant rush of energy, intense mental clarity and a feeling of invincibility, people do often come back for more of those effects after trying it. In addition, the effects of the drug are short-lived, so to maintain a cocaine high, individuals have to keep up usage with more frequent hits of the drug, and tolerance is quickly built. Cocaine addiction develops easily from there.

Cocaine is an expensive drug compared to most others, so those who abuse it usually experience financial consequences. Physical symptoms are harsh: after the fleeting euphoria that results from taking the drug, a crash into depression typically comes.  Irritability and agitation, as well as paranoia, are frequent symptoms and can escalate into violent behavior. The drug suppresses appetite, so cocaine users are often malnourished, and the drug is especially hard on the heart. Flirting with cocaine can be a deadly proposition.

Hitting Lowest Point May Precede Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Treatment for cocaine addiction requires individuals to identify their constant craving for the drug as a symptom of addiction. Denial typically gets in the way, so it’s sometimes necessary for the cocaine user to fall to his or her lowest point, or “bottom” as it’s referred to in recovery circles, before seeking treatment. Family members often stand by watching in horror as their loved ones spin into chaos – they may set boundaries to protect themselves and to stop enabling the cocaine user, and they may also try to help. Researching treatment facilities and making suggestions may fall on deaf ears at first, but seeking solutions for a family member in the throes of cocaine addiction is not a lost cause. Some families engage in formal interventions to help their loved ones find recovery.

It’s important to find a drug addiction treatment center with expertise in handling a variety of specific addictions, since treatment may differ depending on the substance. Heroin addiction treatment will differ from cocaine addiction treatment, for instance, and meth addiction treatment will likely be different from Xanax addiction treatment or opiate addiction treatment. Addiction experts who are savvy about the unique impact each drug has on the human brain are the ones best qualified to treat cocaine addiction. And recovery centers that treat more than just the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal, and who concentrate on how to help an addicted individual rebuild his or her life, are the ones that provide the best chance of long-term recovery.

Our Cocaine Addiction Treatment Is Marked By Compassion and Experience

We can take our clients from cocaine detox to a residential program, to partial hospitalization to intense outpatient therapy. Staff is onsite around the clock in our detox and residential programs, to assure the comfort and safety of our clients in cocaine addiction treatment. Compassionate and highly trained, the Anaheim Lighthouse staff is specially selected for experience in the field of addiction, as well as for compassion, empathy, and the ability to motivate.

In addition to drug addiction treatment, Anaheim Lighthouse provides a wide array of programs and therapies to address the overall disease of addiction, including alcohol addiction treatment. Because studies show that designing a treatment plan will depend to some extent on which drug was being abused and to what degree, we make sure to carefully consider the effects of specific drugs on our clients. For instance, we are experts in all forms of drug treatment, including marijuana addiction treatment and benzodiazepine addiction treatment, as well as treatment for other common drug addictions. Our holistic approach assures that the whole person is treated for addiction, and not just the addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Diet, exercise, and spiritual healing are important aspects of our integrated treatment plans, as well as family counseling when appropriate.

Get in touch with our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at (877) 959-5909.
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