6 Reasons Why Alcohol is Not Your Friend

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I love alcohol. I love the way it tastes. I love the burn as it goes down my throat. I love the rush I feel as it starts coursing through my veins. I love the confidence I gain and the fun that follows.

And I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in six years.

Do I miss it? You bet. I miss it every single day. I love it and I miss it, but I’ll never take it back. Like a selfish lover who is really good in bed, alcohol has taken much more from me than it’s ever given, and here’s why:

1. Its Sugar is Not Very Sweet

Like a sleazy date who doesn’t even want to buy you dinner first, alcohol’s enjoyment is short-lived and leaves you with nothing but empty calories. The only lasting effect is excess body fat you can’t get rid of. Then all of that excess sugar trips your pancreas trigger, and as your body gets inundated with insulin, you find yourself sucking down more sugar, which ends up causing you to retain even more body fat. You get caught in a vicious cycle, much like always dating the wrong guys.

2. It Plays Head Games

In addition to the throbbing hangover headache you wake up with in the morning, it causes you to make poor decisions all day. Then you look in the mirror and realize how controlling it is, as you begin to age faster than you should.

3. It Leaves You Wanting More

By the time you realize that you should start cutting back, you can’t seem to get by without it anymore. Alcohol is the most demanding partner you will ever have, and breaking up is oh so hard to do. If you think that you can just cut back and see a little less of each other, think again. Alcohol doesn’t believe in moderation.


4. It’s a Toxic Relationship

It starts by messing with your metabolism. As your liver works overtime, it starts processing the alcohol before any carbohydrates or fat. After a while, it stops processing fats altogether. It also dehydrates you, which causes you to retain water. It weakens your bones, lowers your energy, damages your kidneys, makes your muscles sore, and can even cause cancer. And you always end up feeling like crap on the morning after.

5. It Takes All of Your Money

The price of alcohol in both restaurants and bars has increased by a whopping 79% between the years of 1982 and 2011. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spent more last year on alcohol than all non-alcoholic beverages combined. The price of alcohol, itself, is only part of the expense. Add in over-the-counter hangover remedies, missed days from work, health care costs, motor vehicle accidents, court costs, and legal fees, and you’ve got a real gold-digger on your hands.

6. It’s Deceitful

While you’re drinking, it tells you it’s your best friend, but in the morning when your head is pounding, your throat is sore, and your stomach is upset, it’s nowhere to be found. It’s never there for you when you really need help, like when your brother died or you lost your job or your husband or wife walked out with the kids. It makes false promises.

All of this hit me one day when I realized that alcohol had destroyed everything I had ever achieved and stolen every loving relationship I ever had. It was on that day that I kicked alcohol to the curb. I no longer needed it. I had a new love – life.

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