9 Reasons You Should Travel To Southern California For Drug Rehab

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Drug Addiction Treatment

Are you considering to go out of town for rehab? You might have been given the option to travel as you pursue long-term addiction recovery and if so, California should definitely be on top of your list. Well-known all over the world as the home of Hollywood, the Golden State definitely offers more than glitzy tourist spots and celebrity sightings. Here are the reasons why a treatment center in Southern California may be best for you.

1. More options for specialized treatment

One of the common barriers in recovery is not having the appropriate treatment available in your area. It can become frustrating especially if you need a specialized treatment plan. This is the main motivation of many people who travel for addiction recovery.

California is home to many first-class treatment centers offering a wide range of treatment programs for most types of addiction. Here at the Lighthouse, for instance, treatment plans can be tailor-made to suit the clients. Innovative solutions are also made available to cater to the unique needs of the client.

2. A fresh perspective

Traveling, in general, gives you a fresh perspective. When you are seeking recovery, this is quite important. When struggling with substance abuse, you may often feel hopeless and use drugs or alcohol as an escape route. You may feel that you are always in the midst of chaos and you don’t know how to start decluttering your life. By going to a different environment and experiencing new things, you can push reset and jumpstart your life again to start a new chapter.

3. Higher chances of completing the program

People who enter a residential facility for treatment do not always complete the program. Many go home and return to their old habits, especially when they find recovery difficult for them.

When you travel for rehab, there is a lower chance for you to think about escaping and going back home. While it may be challenging for you to be away from your family for an extended period, the reward of completing the treatment program will be worth it. Your loved one will appreciate it more if you come back home after rehab sober and healthy.

4. Avoid triggers

Another advantage of going out of your hometown or community is that you are also removed from the usual things and situations that may have caused your addiction. You get a break from the triggers that may cause your relapse like stress, difficult relationships, your drug dealer, and more.

5. Weather

Drug AddictionThe weather in California is amazing. Much of the state enjoys a Mediterranean-like climate that is pleasant all year long. You might be wondering why weather is important in recovery. There has been psychological research supporting that compared with residents of warm, dry Mediterranean type climates, those who reside in places with longer night and cold, extreme weather tend to experience higher rates of depression, alcoholism, suicide, and obesity.

This is definitely an advantage especially if you are coming from a place where there is no sunshine all year long. Another separate study concluded that just being out in the sun is a sure-fire way to naturally boost your dopamine levels making you happier and improving your mood.

6. Beaches and Nature

Drug Addiction TherapySpending time outdoors and being surrounded by nature can be beneficial to your recovery. In fact, research has proven that incorporating nature therapy in addiction treatment can positively impact a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Southern California is home to many beautiful beaches and National Parks that you can explore and enjoy. If you choose a treatment facility that incorporates such trips to these beautiful locations, it can definitely to your advantage.

7. Adventure Sports

At the Lighthouse, we introduce our residents to other forms of activities that can give them a different type of high such as adventure sports. Being located in Southern California, our facility enjoys the awesome weather so we are able to incorporate these in our recovery programs. We believe that integrating these types of activities in our treatment plans give our residents and our alumni something to look forward to. In our experience, we learned from our residents that participating in adventure sports provide excitement in sobriety.

8. You can be more open and free

Traveling to a new place for treatment can be advantageous especially for people who live in a small town and only have a limited number of facilities available to them. One downside of going to a local rehab in a small town is that there is a possibility that you are acquainted not only with the other residents but also with the counselors. This can become an obstacle for you to really open up because of the fear of being judged by the people you know.

If this is your situation, it may be more beneficial to go into a residential treatment center in Southern California where you can talk more freely about your thoughts and become more comfortable in opening up about your emotions.

9. You can prioritize yourself first

Going into rehab near your place of residence, your job, and your loved ones may have its advantages as you can have your support system near you, however, there are some situations when this can also be a negative. Being within the same environment can cause you to lose focus and think of others first before your own recovery. If you travel away, you can concentrate on improving your own physical and mental health, on developing self-love, and on pursuing long-term sobriety.

If you are interested in learning more about specialized treatment programs for addiction recovery in Southern California, contact Anaheim Lighthouse today.

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