Anaheim Lighthouse CEO and Therapist Participate In “Addiction” Podcast

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In an enlightening and informative podcast titled “Addiction, Self-hatred, Hope and Solution with Tim Salyer and the Anaheim Lighthouse,” our CEO Tim Salyer joins Dr. Marissa Pei on a CNBC radio podcast to share statistics on addiction in the United States, as well as solutions available in addiction treatment. Tim Salyer and Deanna Duncan, marriage and family therapist, discuss the far-reaching effects of alcoholism and drug addiction in families and in society as a whole. They cite government resources showing that more than 23.5 million Americans suffer directly from their own substance abuse or that of a loved one.  The costs of addiction-related problems reach more than $600 billion annually, in terms of family disintegration, unemployment, school failure, crime and domestic violence. Salyer also discusses the hope and help available through addiction treatment. The podcast is available to watch on YouTube.

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