Adderall Study Drug: Is It Worth It?

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Study Drug

These days’ good grades are not enough if you want to get into a good college or land a high-paying job so you can pay your massive student loans. Top of your class? Not a guarantee. Straight As? Nah, forget about it. In order to get ahead in this competitive jungle where you have to be a billionaire in your early 20’s like Mark Zuckerberg, you’re somehow required to overachieve in not one but multiple avenues.

However, being an introvert like Zuck was in Harvard will not work anymore. You have to excel in sports, initiate your own tech startup, have an active social life, volunteer in different advocacies, and must constantly devise ways on how to change the world. By the time you actually need to read up on your lessons, you’re most likely too tired to even finish a page.

Of course, not being able to pass is unacceptable and that’s why many students seek drugs like Adderall to help them survive an important test. Often referred to as “study drugs” and “smart drugs”, Adderall is a prescription medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. According to studies around 17% of students rely on Adderall or other study drugs. The drug is supposedly helpful in making them concentrate better so they can study and do well in exams. Because of this effect, Adderall is also being taken by professionals who want to focus on their jobs and stay alert.

Once is never enough

Study DrugAdderall is said to be widely available in many college campuses. Many students get their drugs from those who have legitimate prescriptions and there are those who even falsely convince doctors that they have ADHD to get a prescription. For students who are falling behind their classes, it can be quite tempting to try the drug. After all, what’s there to lose? While taking Adderall one time may seem harmless, the problem is that almost always, once is never really enough.

After taking a dose of Adderall and seeing that it actually improved your performance, the temptation to do it again will be much stronger.  One time becomes twice, thrice, and before you know it, Adderall becomes a regular part of your routine. It becomes a habit that is very hard to break especially if you think that you are benefitting from it. Habitual use of Adderall can result in addiction which is only counterproductive to what you really want to achieve in your life.

Why you should think twice before taking Adderall

AdderallMany students who take Adderall have the false belief that just because it is a prescription drug for ADHD, it means that this drug is safer than illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine but in reality, any drug that is used without a legit prescription can be harmful.

Developing tolerance to Adderall is the first sign that you are taking too much of it. Tolerance takes place when the same amount of the drug does not render the same effect so you need to gradually take higher doses of the drug. Tolerance often leads to dependence. This happens when you feel that you cannot function anymore without Adderall and you have a compulsive need to take it regularly. This dependence on Adderall can result in Adderall addiction. Even if you are aware that taking Adderall is already bad for you, you still continue to take it because you are already addicted.

The immediate effects of Adderall that you may see as beneficial are just short-term, which means that after the effects of the drug wear off, you will likely feel depressed, anxious, headaches, and other adverse side effects. For people who have been taking Adderall for long periods, there are also long-term effects like heart conditions, blood circulation problems, stroke, and psychotic disorders.

Another danger is that people who are tolerant of Adderall experiment with ways on how to make the drug more effective by mixing it with other substances. These drug cocktails can be very dangerous because combining Adderall with alcohol, antidepressants, and other drugs can lead to heart problems, overdose, and alcohol poisoning.

If you’re considering taking Adderall or other study drugs because you want to improve your performance in school or your work, the short-term benefits are not worth the risk. It may give you an advantage now but the risks of addiction and experiencing lethal side effects from taking these drugs will only derail you in your original goal.

Tips on how to focus better in your schoolwork:

  • Is there’s so much to do and so little time? Practice proper time management by prioritizing what’s urgent and important. Simplify your day by getting rid of tasks or activities that are not productive and do not make you happy. Focus on one task at a time so you can finish stuff faster. Use a calendar app to manage your tasks well.
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. If you don’t sleep adequately, your body will not have the energy for you to fulfill your tasks accurately and precisely. If you’re always slow and lethargic, it will only cause more mistakes which slow you down.
  • Eat healthy and exercise. Focus on whole foods instead of chocolate bars, sugary treats, and energy drinks. Junk food will only result in carb crashes making you feel sleepy and unfocused.

If you or a loved one  is suffering from substance abuse, help is available.

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