Vape Pen: How Teens Are Using This Device To Smoke Drugs

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Vape Pen

Gone are the days when teens have to hide their cigarette packs or drugs in discreet places so that their parents, teachers or police authorities will not catch them red-handed. Now, these substances are hidden in plain sight. This is being made possible by an increasing number of people using vape pens to smoke their drugs.

While there are many different types of vaping devices, the vape pen remains as one of the popular ones. As the name suggests, this device usually resembles a writing pen making it more discreet and stylish than an e-cigarette that mimics an actual tobacco cig stick. Just like a normal pen, vape pens also have different designs that you can choose from depending on your lifestyle.

There are colorful ones that look like ballpoint pens or highlighters for students, while more elegant looking ones are also available for those who are already working in offices. There are even vape pens now that you can actually use for writing! One of the most popular vape pen designs is the one that looks like a USB drive. One example of this is the JUUL, a slim looking vaping device that controls almost 70% of the market. Because of its popularity, the term juuling was coined to refer to the act of vaping a JUUL.

Vaping: A gateway to more harmful narcotics?

Vape PenMost people are already familiar with what vaping is. It is the act of inhaling vapors from an electronic device. These battery-powered devices house a heating component that warm up the liquid cartridge in order to release the vapors. Vaping is increasingly becoming a huge trend in America, especially in the youth population. In 2018, there was a 78% rise in the number of teens vaping in the country. The alarming thing, however, is that most people who vape do not realize that vaping is addictive and that most vaping kits do contain nicotine just like a tobacco cigarette.

Most teens try out vaping as a form of experimentation in order to fit in. However, as they get hooked on the habit, there is also the risk of them using the same vape pens to try out other substances. Marijuana is the logical next step as it is legal in some states in the US. But recently, there have been more reports of vape pens being found to contain other narcotics.

Vape AddictionThere is a wide range of drugs that can be vaped, however, numerous drugs in their common forms cannot be used in vaping devices readily. Drugs that are sold as salts, for example, will struggle to evaporate and have to be mixed with alkalis to form a freebase so that they can evaporate without burning. Methamphetamine is an example of such a drug that needs to be stable enough to be vaporized.

DMT is another drug that is now being vaped. This drug, often referred to as the strongest psychedelic drug in the world, has found its way to vaping devices. Users report of seeing visuals like spaceships and magical elves while vaping DMT. Synthetic marijuana (Spice and K2) are highly popular among teenagers who vape. Other drugs that are being vaped include bath salts, liquid THC, and hash oil.

Why are people using vape pens to smoke drugs? 

Many everyday tasks are now being assisted by some sort of technology. It should not be a surprise then that technology has also made habits such as drug use much more accessible. Below are some of the common reasons why people prefer to use vape pens to smoke drugs.


There is a stigma attached with drug use and everyone, even drug users themselves, are aware of that. Using a vape pen is a very discreet method of using drugs, without being obvious to the people around you. Vape pens are easier to conceal and it’s easy for users to get away with doing drugs because people think that what they are smoking is harmless. You don’t really have to worry about hiding it or being caught.


It is also much more convenient to carry a vape pen than all the other usual drug paraphernalia like bongs, lighters, pipes, and glassware. Vape pens are very small and easy to transport.

Ease of use

With some drugs, you need to light them up or place it in a syringe to inject yourself. With a vape pen, you don’t run the risk of messing up. All you need to do is to push a button and you’re set.

Dangers of vaping drugs

While you might think that vaping drugs is a safe and discreet way to use drugs, this is actually a false assumption. There is really nothing safe with vaping drugs. On the other hand, it actually exposes you to many harmful risks.

When you get a vape pen with drugs in it, you’re not really 100% sure if what you’re inhaling is what it is supposed to be. Keep in mind that many drugs need to be stabilized before they can be vaped, therefore, you may be inhaling a mix of unknown chemicals. There are also drugs that are not intended to be vaped and can cause coughing and choking.

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