5 Reasons Why Dab Weed Could Be Bad For You

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Dab Weed

Dabbing is a relatively new way of consuming cannabis called dabs. Dabs, also known as weed dabs or dab weed, is a form of cannabis that has a  high content of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is the component of cannabis that produces psychedelic effects. Today, dab weed has become popular because it produces a really strong high.

In states where cannabis is legal, many people turn to dabbing thinking that it is a safe habit. If it’s legal, it couldn’t be that bad right? Maybe you’ve heard people saying that dabbing is a great alternative to smoking weed especially if you are using an electronic dab pen. The problem is that many teenagers also share this thinking without realizing that dab weed can cause serious consequences.

So is dabbing safe or are dab weeds bad for you? The truth, however, is that dabs could be bad for you. This article highlights 5 reasons why you should think twice before getting into dabbing.

Dab weed is extremely potent

Just because dab weed is also cannabis does not mean that it’s the same as your regular marijuana. Many people make the mistake of thinking that dabbing produces the same effect without realizing that the potency of dab weed is much higher compared to marijuana.

Regular marijuana contains 20% of THC and strong variants usually have up to 40% of THC. Dab weed, on the other hand, can contain 80% to 90% of THC. That’s four to five times stronger than regular weed.  If you are not a habitual cannabis user, dabbing could be too much for you. It could produce adverse effects that your body may not be able to handle.

Taking dabs can increase your tolerance quickly

Dab WeedBecause dab weed is extremely potent in THC, dabbing can then rapidly increase your tolerance for cannabis. Why is this a problem? When you develop a tolerance for the drug, you will need a higher dose or a much stronger drug to get the same effects. This could easily lead to substance abuse and addiction.

If you’ve become tolerant to dab weed, this could result in taking more of it or even switching to stronger illicit drugs to satisfy your cravings. Dab weed then becomes a gateway drug that could lead you to other more harmful narcotics.

Dabbing could result in hospitalization

There have been reports of people who became hospitalized because they were not used to the side effects brought about by dab weed. Many of these users mistakenly thought that dab weed is similar to marijuana only to experience severe side effects. These side effects include hallucinations and increased heart rate, which could make users think that they need to be brought to the hospital.

Dab weed can affect your mental health and behavior

Dab WeedCannabis is a psychedelic drug that could affect both your mental state and your behavior. Because it alters the way the brain works, it could affect your rational thinking. Some studies also found that high doses of THC could cause anxiety, psychosis, and schizophrenia. This could cause you to engage in risky or even violent behavior.

For younger cannabis users, this could be a problem. Many teens who try to experiment with drugs start with weed. There is a mistaken belief that it is not that bad as drugs like heroin or opioids. However, what many young users don’t realize is that using cannabis at a very young age could affect their brain development. Because their brains are not yet fully developed, introducing weed to the body can cause consequences later in life. Some of these effects include memory impairment, learning problems, a decline in IQ, and persistent cannabis use disorder in adulthood.

Dabbing could lead to death

Not many dab weed users realize that the high level of THC in dabs could even lead to deadly consequences. One news report told the story of a teenager who committed suicide at age 19 and his parents believe that dabbing was to blame. The teen’s parents said that their son started dabbing marijuana concentrate with high levels of THC at age 16. Because of this, he experienced bouts of psychosis after heavy use of marijuana. They believe that this has caused him to take his own life.

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